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Kerala University Computer Graphics January 2014 Question Paper

Searching for Kerala University Computer Graphics Old Question Papers? You will get here the January 2014 years question paper of Computer Graphics for the Kerala University B.Sc CSE Degree Examination.


Section - 'A' (10*1=10)
(Objective Type Questions)
Note: - Answer all the questions. Each question carries 1 mark.
1) Cohen-Sutherland uses _______ to compute inside/outside of the line.
a) Outcodes
b) thumbnail
c) Clipper
d) none of the above

2) If codes of both the ends points of line are different then ______ operation is done to calculate the clipping.
a) Bitwise OR
b) Bitwise AND
d) NOT

3) Parametric equation of line segment is used in
a) Cohen-Sutherland
b) Liang Barsky
c) Mid Point Sub Division
d) Nicholl-Lee-Nicholl

4) Sutherland Hodgman Polygon clipping algorithm uses ______ strategy
a) Divide and Conquer
b) Greedy algorithm
c) Linear Probing
d) Linear bonding

5) ______ is the ratio of projected length of the line to its true length
a) aspect ratio
b) Dimetric factor
c) foreshortening factor
d) oblique factor

6) Caliver projection is type of
a) oblique projection
b) Axonometric projection
c) orthographic projection
d) prespective projection

7) Lines emerging from center of projection and hitting projection plane is called
a) Center of projection
b) projectors
c) Emetters
d) Rays

8) Z-buffer method was proposed by
a) Henry Gray
b) Sutherland
c) Hodgman
d) Catmull

9) Volume Elements are used in ______
a) Octrees
b) Quadtrees
c) BSP trees
d) none of the above

10) _____ is known as additive color model
b) HSV
c) RGB
d) YIQ

Section - 'B' (2*5=10)
(Short Answer Type Questions)
Note: - Answer any two questions. Each question carries 05 marks.
Q1. Define diffusion illumination.
Q2. Compare Gouraud shading and Phong's shading.
Q3. Explain A-buffer algorithm.

Section - 'C' (3*10=30)
(Long Answer Type Questions)
Note: - Answer any three questions. Each question carries 10 marks.
Q1. Compare all the color models in detail.
Q2. What is multimedia? Explain its components and area of use.
Q3. Explain different types of projection in detail.
Q4. Explain 3-D clipping and 3-D viewing.

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