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Kerala University B.Sc CSE Computer Networks April 2015 Question Paper

Kerala University Question Paper April 2015 for Computer Networks
Sixth Semester
Time : Three Hours Maximum: 75 Marks

Part A
Answer any five questions.
Each question carries 3 marks.

1. Write the main advantages of Client Server Computing.

2. Write a short note on open systems.

3. Define the term fault tolerance.

4. Write the importance of stored procedures in Client Server Technology.

5. Explain the open GUI standards.

6. What is caching?

Part B
Answer any four questions.
Each question carries 5 marks.

7. Explain server Operating Systems.

8. Briefly explain the concept of interoperability.

9. Describe the backup and recovery mechanisms in server.

10. Explain the synchronization methods in distributed systems.

ii. Describe the transaction processing methods.

12. Explain load balancing and optimizing approaches in server.

Part C
Answer any two questions.
Each question carries 20 marks.

13 (a) Explain the main features and classes of server machines (8 marks)
(b) Describe Windows NT operating system. (12 marks)

14 Write in detail about the different layers in server software (20 marks)

15 Write in detail about Client Server applications. (20 marks)

16 Write short notes on the following:
(a) Triggers.
(b) DCOM.
(c) Intelligent database.
(d) Xwindow. 
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