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Bangalore University BBM Stock and Commodity Market April May 2016 Question Paper

University / Exam Board: Bangalore University Question Paper
Course: BBM
Semester: VI
Exam Year of the Question Paper: April May 2016
Subject: Stock and Commodity Market
Question Paper Description: Bangalore University B.B.M 06th Semester April/May 2016 Business Management, Stock and Commodity Market Question Paper

Bangalore University

VI Semester B.B.M Examination, MAY 2016

Semester (F+R) Scheme

Business Management

Stock and Commodity Market

Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks:100

Instruction: Answer should be written in English only,

1. Answer any eight sub question. Each question carries two marks. (8x2=16)

a. What is a primary market?

b. What is speculation?

c. Give the meaning of right issue.

d. What are preference shares?

e. Expand SEBI, NSEI.

f. What is dematerialisation?

g. Who are jobbers?

h. What do you mean by depository?

i. What is forward settlement?

j. Mention any two recognized stock exchanges in India.


Answer any three questions. Each question carries 8 marks.

2. State the differences between physical market and futures market.

3. What are the objectives of SEBI?

4. Briefly explain the different kinds of speculators.

5. What is buy back of shares? What are the conditions of buy back?


Answer question No.10 compulsory and three of the following. Each question carries fifteen marks. (4x15=60)

6. What is stock exchange? Explain the functions of stock exchange.

7. Explain the methods of issue of issue mechanism.

8. Write short notes on:

a. MCX



9. Discuss the role and functions of SEBI in stock trading.

10. Explain the importance and functions of commodity exchange.

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