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Bangalore University BBM E-Business April May 2016 Question Paper

University / Exam Board: Bangalore University
Course: BBM
Semester: VI
Exam Year of the Question Paper: April May 2016
Subject: E-Business
Question Paper Description: Bangalore University B.B.M 06th Semester April/May 2016 Business Management, E-Business Question Paper

Bangalore University

VI Semester B.B.M Examination, May 2016

Freshers + Repeaters

Business Management


Time Duration: 3 Hours Max. Marks:100

Instruction: Answers should be written in English.


Answer any eight sub-questions. Each sub-question carries two marks. (8x2=16)

a. Define is E-Business.

b. What is B2B Model?

c. What is Internet?

d. What is URL?

e. What is Encryption?

f. What is a Credit Card?

g. What is Data mining?

h. What is Data Warehouse?

i. Define Image Tag.

j. What is Cyber Crime?


II Answer any three questions. Each question carries eight marks. (3x8=24)

2. What are Virtual Communities? Discuss the importance of Virtual Communities. (3x8=24)

3. What are Hardware and Software requirements of E-Commerce Activities? Explain

4. What are Firewalls? Explain different types of Firewall.

5. What is E-Payment system? Explain the advantages and disadvantages of E-Payment system. 


III Answer question no.10 and any three of the remaining questions. Each question carries fifteen marks. (4x15=60)

6. What is the role of internet in E-Business? What are the uses, merits and demerits of internet in Business? Explain elaborately.

7. Discuss elaborately: Permission Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Viral Marketing.

8. What are the merits and demerits of E-business in the Present Context? Present the Historical Perspective of E-Business.

9. Explain the ways and means of protecting the Data and systems of client in an E-Business Environment. 

10. Explain in detail the B2B and B2C E-Business. 
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