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Lucknow University B.A Part I Economics Paper II 2006 Question Paper

B.A ( Part I) Examination 2006
University / Board: Lucknow University - Old Question Papers / Previous Years Question Papers / Model Question Papers / Sample Question Papers
Course: B.A Economics
Second Paper
Question Paper Description: 2006 Lucknow University B.A Economics Part I Paper II Question Paper
Time Allowed : Three Hours
Maximum Marks:50

Note: Total Number of questions to be answered is Five. Question no. 1 is compulsory.Attempt one question ffom each unit.Each question of the unit carries 7.5 marks.

1.Explain the following in brief: 20
(i) Growth of national income in India since 1990-91
(ii) Objectives of Tenth Five Year Plan
(iii) Disguised unemployment
(iv) Consolidation of holdings
(v) New Industrial Policy
(vi) Green Revolution
(vii) Poverty line
(viii) Rural EmploymentGuarantee Programme
(ix) Problems of agricultureal marketing
(x) Importance of Small-scale Industries

2.Discuss the major changes in the structure of Indian Economy since last two decades.
3."High growth of population is the primary cause of underdevelopment of Indian Economy." Comment.

4.What are the reasons of low productivity in Indian agriculture?Mention the steps taken by the Government for improving agricultural productivity.
5.Analyse the problems of rural credit in India and explain the various sources of rural credit in India.

6.Critically evaluate the role of foreign capital in the economic development of India.
7.While elaborating the role of heavy and basic industries in India, discuss the growth of any major basic industry.

8.Give an account of the main problems of Economic development in Uttar Pradesh.
9.What is the present status of industrial development in Uttar Pradesh? Describe the measures taken by the U.P Govt. for increasing the pace of industrialization in the state.
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