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Lucknow University B.A Part I Economics Paper II 2005 Question Paper

University / Board: Lucknow University - Old Question Papers / Previous Years Question Papers / Model Question Papers / Sample Question Papers
Course: B.A Economics
B.A ( Part I) Examination 2005
Question Paper Description: 2005 Lucknow University B.A Economics Part I Paper II Question Paper
Second Paper

Time Allowed : Three Hours
Maximum Marks:50

Note: Total Number of questions to be answered is Five. Question no. 1 is compulsory.Attempt one question from each unit.Each question of the unit carries 7.5 marks.

1.Explain the following in brief: 20
(i) Per capita income
(ii) Sex-ratio in India
(iii) Social security
(iv) Objectives of land reforms
(v) Sources of agricultural credit
(vi) Small scale industries
(vii) Role of foreign capital
(viii) Literacy rate in Uttar Pradesh
(ix) Objectives of Tenth Five Year Plan in U.P
(x) Decentralized Planning

2.Discuss the main characteristics of of a developing country like India.
3.What has been the changing pattern of national income growth in India since 1990

4.Do you agree with the view that Indian Agriculture is getting modernized?Substantiate your view with examples.
5.Why did cooperative movement not succeed in India at the expected rate?Give your comments.

6.Discuss in detail the growth,prospects and problems of any one major industry in India.
7.Examine the nature of change in Industrial policy of India.

8.Explain the salient features of the economy of Uttar Pradesh.
9.Give an account of the patterns of population growth and demographic structure of Uttar Pradesh.
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