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TNOU Services Marketing BBA 2012 Question Paper

Are you looking for Services Marketing Old Question Papers form TNOU? You can here collect 2012 question paper of this subject below. Given Question Paper is in typed version.

Tamil Nadu Open University (TNOU)
JANUARY, 2012.
Third Year
Answer any THREE questions.
1) Differentiate between goods and services.
2) State the role of positioning in services marketing.
3) Write a note on augmented product.
4) What are the objectives of concept testing?
5) State the reasons for the growth of services in the modern economy.

Answer any FOUR questions.
1) Mention the phenomenal growth in the services markets.
2) Explain 7 Ps of services marketing mix.
3) Write brief notes on:
(a) Blog
(b) Geo targeting and
(c) Banner Ad.

4) Explain the functions of services market segmentation.
5) What do you understand by CRM? Explain in brief.
6) State the emerging trends in services marketing in India.
7) What is Quality Gap? Mention the techniques to resolve the Gap.
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