Tuesday, April 5, 2016

MU SAE4A Java Programming April 2015 Question Paper

Are you searching for SAE4A Java Programming Old Question Papers? Here you can find latest 2015 year question paper of this subject under Madras University. Use this question paper to prepare your SAE4A Java Programming and score good marks. Share this post to help your friends.

Madras University / University of Madras
Exam Year: April 2015
Subject Name: Java Programming

What are Java Tokens?
Define: Type Casting.
Give the general syntax of the basic form of a class in Java.
What are Constructors?
List the names of commonly used String Buffer Methods.
What do you mean by Interface?
What is meant by Thread?
Write a note on : Syntax of Exception Handling Code in Java.
What is a File/
Define :URL.
What is meant by AWT?

Discuss briefly on : Java Data Types.
Explain briefly on Visibility Control.
Discuss about Creating Packages and Accessing a Package in Java with examples.
Write short notes on:Life Cycle of a Thread.
How to throw our own Exception in Java? Explain with an example Java Program.
Discuss briefly on Working with color in java with suitable examples.

Describe the features of Java.
Write a java program to illustrate methods overloading.
What is Synchronization? Explain the implementation of this concept in Java with examples.
Describe the usage of any four Drawing methods in Graphics Class with suitable examples.
Explain the usage of Layout Managers in Java with examples.
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