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Madras University: SEZ6D Multimedia 2015 Question Paper

University of Madras Previous Years Question Paper
Exam Year: APRIL:2015                          
Course: BCA / B.Sc Computer Science

Write the four stages of multimedia project.
What are the work of interface designer in multimedia?
List down the name of communication devices.
What is the use of OCR software?
What are the two ways for linking data objects?
Define font and type face.
What is the purpose of NIFF?
What is hypermedia?
How does images playing an important role in multimedia project?
How does computer animation takes place?
MPEG and JPEG-Define.
What is copyrights?

What are the useful areas of multimedia? Explain.
Explain about monitor and video devices.
What are the images editing tools? List down.
List the office suites available in windows. Explain them.
How many number of character sets are available in multimedia project? Explain.
Describe about kinematics and morphing.
How to design the user interface project?

What are the input devices? Explain any four of them with diagram.
Write down the features of drawing and painting package.
Explain fontographer, font manager, font chameleon and making pretty text.
How does the color plays an important role in multimedia?
Explain in detail about the navigational structure in multimedia.
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