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Uniraj B.Tech IT Software Engineering 2005 Question Paper

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University/ Board: University of Rajasthan
Software Engineering
Course: B.Tech IT
(Information Technology)
Time: three hours max marks: 80
Exam Year: 2005

Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.
Q1. (a) Explain the various tools used in the analysis Phase of SDLC.
(b) What steps makes of the system development life cycle with structure analysis? Describe each step briefly.

Q2. (a) Describe LOC and FP estimation techniques for software project estimation.
(b) Describe Project Scheduling Techniques.
(c) Write short notes on RMMM plan for risk management.
Q3. (a) Explain the salient features of software estimation model COCOMO. what is its basic form? How complexity is classified in this model and what does it mean in simple terms.
(b) Explain generic waterfall model in detail.
(c) Differentiate between “Software Design” and “coding”

Q4. (a) Explain why accuracy is an important attribute of a data dictionary.
(b) What are the elements of Analysis model? Describe in detail.

Q5. (a) Explain ERD and DFD with tasking suitable examples.
(b)What are the elements of computer system? Draw a data flow diagram(DFD) computer bases manufacturing system/market system.

Q6. (a) Give the similarities and differences between object oriented and functional design approaches.
(b) Describe object-oriented analysis process. What is CRC modeling? Describe in detail.

Q7 (a) Why is completeness difficult to achieve when abstraction level increases? Explain.
(b) State clearly the difference between object-oriented analysis and object-oriented design. Write various steps followed in OOA approaches and extend these steps into OOD
Q8. Write short notes on the following:
(a) Use and Misuse of GUI environment in the design of human computer interface.
(b) How are coupling and cohesion related? Give example.
(c) Control Flow Diagram.
(d) Spiral Model in Software Life Cycle.
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