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Uniraj BBA MARKETING MANAGEMENT 2008 Question Paper

Uniraj Model / Previous Years Question Papers Collection
University/ Board: University of Rajasthan
B.B.A(Part II)
Marketing Management II
(Faculty of Commerce)
(10+2+3 Pattern)
Second Paper
Time: Three Hour
Maximum Marks:100
Attempt Five question in all.
Question Nos. 1 and 2 are compulsory.

1. Answer each of the following question in 50 words.
Each question carries 2 marks

Q.1 What do you mean by 'marketing concept' ? [ 2 ]
Q.2 Define product mix. [ 2 ]
Q.3 Define product policy. [ 2 ]
Q.4 What do you mean by product planning ? [ 2 ]
Q.5 What do you mean by advertising ? [ 2 ]
Q.6 Define sales promotion . [ 2 ]
Q.7 Define distribution channels . [ 2 ]
Q.8 What do you mean by 'retailer' ? [ 2 ]
Q.9 What is physical distribution. [ 2 ]
Q.10  What is selling ? [ 2 ]

2. Answer the following questions in 100 words. Each question carries 4 marks.
Q.1 What is the distribution between marketing and selling ? [ 4 ]
Q.2 Write a short note on 'marketing strategy'. [ 4 ]
Q.3 Write criteria for market segementation. [ 4 ]
Q.4 Write factors affecting product life cycle in short. [ 4 ]
Q.5 Write a short note on salesmanship. [ 4 ]

Answer any three question.
Each question carries 20 marks.

Q.3 Define 'Marketing Management'. Discuss the functions of marketing mangement.
Q.4 How is pricing policy formulated ? Explain the various methods of pricing a new product. (5+15)
Q.5 What do you mean by 'Buyer Behaviour' ? Explain its various theories. ( 5+15 )
Q.6 Discuss the challenges of rural marketing in India. ( 20 )
Q.7 What do you understand by 'personal selling' ? Explain the selling process in detail. ( 5+15 )
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