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MDSU BBA Business Law 2008 Question Paper

University: MDSU Ajmer / Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University, Ajmer
QP Type: Old / Previous Question Paper
Course: Business Law B.B.A
Exam Year: 2008
Time:3 hours
Maximum marks: 75

SECTION A (3×5=15)

Answer any three questions. All questions carry equal marks.

1. Explain the legal rules regarding auction sales.

2. Who is competent to enter into a contract?

3. What are the rights of a partner?

4. State the rules of an agency.

5. State any four differences between a cheque and a bill of exchange.

SECTION B (4×15=60)

Answer any four questions. All questions carry equal marks.

6. What is meant by consideration? Explain the legal rules regarding consideration.

7. What is meant by negotiable instrument? Explain different kinds of negotiable instruments.

8. Explain the rights of an unpaid seller.

9. Describe the various modes by which a contract may be discharged.

10. Differentiate between conditions and warranties.

11. Write short notes on :
(a) Implied Contract.
(b) Hire Purchase Agreement.
(c) Dissolution of a firm.

12. Explain the modes of termination of agency.
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