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MDSU Ajmer BBA Business Environment 2008 Question Paper

Are you searching for BBA course question papers of past years from MDSU Ajmer? Then here you can download BBA MDSU Ajmer Business Environment 2008 Question Paper
University: MDSU Ajmer
Question Paper Type: Previous Years / Old Years
Course: Business Environment B.B.A
QP Year: 2008
Time:3 hours
Maximum marks : 75

SECTION A (3×5=15)

Answer any three questions.

1. Explain the nature of Business Environment.

2. Explain the term consumer protection.

3. What are the features of five year plans?

4. What are the differences between Money Market and Capital Market?

5. State the merits and demerits of privatisation.

SECTION B (4×15=60)

Answer any four questions.

6. Explain the different environment affecting the business.

7. Discuss how political factors affect Business Environment.

8. Write an essay on SEBI.

9. Explain the functions of commercial banks.

10. Discuss the pros and cons of MNCs in India.

11. Write short notes on :
(a) Mutual funds
(b) Export Import Policy.

12. Explain the features of a well developed Money Market.
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