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Gujarat University, B.Com IV Semester Commercial Communication-IV May 2014 Question Paper

Looking for GU previous years question papers? You can here download May 2014 question paper for 4th Semester Commercial Communication-IV from Gujarat University. Collect both text and scanned versions of the question paper below.

Gujarat University
QP Code: ZE-125
Seat No. : _______________
B.Com., Sem.-IV
Commercial Communication-IV
Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 70
1. Write brief answers of any seven of the following : 14
(1) Why was the grandfather chosen to serve on the committee ?
(2) What did Kondiah do when he received an order for rice on the phone ?
(3) Explain why Dr. Khanna’s four week trip to India is described as a success.
(4) Give a brief description of Radhey Mohan’s appearance and profession.
(5) On the way, back from the town, what did Khanna’s father do ?
(6) What are the Taipan’s retirement plans ?
(7) What made the Taipan wish that he had not gone into the cemetry ?
(8) Why did the clergyman refer to his coaching of Scoresby as an act of charity ?
(9) What was “the thing” that kept the clergyman always in a sweat of apprehension ?
2. Write short notes on any two of the following : 14
(1) Kondiah : The Grain Merchant
(2) The character sketch of Dr. Khanna
(3) The Vanity of human life stressed in the story of the Taipan
3. Write a detailed note on the personal barriers to communication. 14
Define Upward Communication and point out its objectives, advantages and limitations.
4. Write a letter of application on behalf of M/s. Krishna Traders, for obtaining an agency. 14
Draft a letter on behalf of the Principal terminating the agency.

5. (A) Draft a circular letter on behalf of a manufacturer announcing an increase in prices of their products. 7
Draft a circular letter to inform your dealers about intimating the dismissal of an employee.
(B) Do as directed : 7
(1) Match the following :
(A) (B)
(1) All in all (a) briefly
(2) Keep it up (b) altogether
(3) To meddle with (c) to interfere
(4) In a nutshell (d) to maintain
(2) Give meanings of the following :
(1) Hat-trick
(2) To look into
(3) Not one’s cup of tea

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