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Gujarat University B.Com 110 General English May 2015 Question Paper

Gujarat University Previous Years Question Paper- May 2015 Question Paper of B.Com Course, Subject: 110 General English, 2nd Semester Question Paper.
Seat No. : _______________
B.Com., Sem.-II
110 : General English
(Grammar and Composition)
(For Gujarati & English Medium)
Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 70
Instruction : This question paper contains five questions each of 14 marks.
1. (a) Fill in the blanks with appropriate forms of the verbs given in the brackets : 6
(1) The moon ______ after sunset every day. (rise/rises)
(2) My students ______ very hard. (is working/are working)
(3) Shaily ______ her pen in the class yesterday. (lose/lost)
(4) The film ______ before we went in the theatre. (had started/have started.)
(5) Someone ______ the money from here. (stole/steals).
(6) I ______ the Taj Mahal. (have seen/has seen)
(b) Fill in the blanks with appropriate modal auxiliaries : 4
(1) ______ good luck shower upon you ! (May/Must)
(2) The soldiers ______ fight for their country. (shall/should)
(3) You ______ score well in your examination. (will/would)
(4) Daddy is busy right now. ______ he call you later ? (Can/Must)
(c) Fill in the blanks with appropriate semi-modals given in the bracket. 4
(1) I ______ a holiday. (need/must)
(2) I am not ______ this heat. (used to/ought to)
(3) We ______ salute the National Flag. (used to/ought to)
(4) How ______ he call you a thief ! (need/dare)
2. (a) Fill in the gaps with articles ‘a’, ‘an’ or ‘the’ : 6
(1) Early to bed and early to rise makes ______ man healthy, wealthy and wise.
(2) I shall be back in about ______ hour.
(3) Shivani is ______ cleverest girl in her class.
(4) Sanskrit is ______ difficult language.
(5) What ______ exciting movie !
(6) Ashoka was one of ______ greatest kings of India.
(b) Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions : (by/from/at/in) 4
(1) The Nightingale sings ______ a sweet voice.
(2) He will be here ______ four O’clock.
(3) Don’t judge a book ______ its cover.
(4) I will go to college ______ the month of June.

(c) Fill in the blanks using correct options : 4
(1) Let’s walk a little ______ to see the sunset. (farther/further)
(2) Krishna will be elected as the ______ head-girl. (next/nearest)
(3) There is so ______ noise in the class. (many/much)
(4) Mahima is the ______ sister in the family. (older/eldest)
3. (a) Fill in the blanks with proper forms of the auxiliary verbs ‘be’ ‘have’ and ‘do’ : 6
(1) We ______ not watch T.V. every evening.
(2) Mohan ______his homework regularly.
(3) ______ you coming with us ?
(4) ______ you taken my pen ?
(5) He ______ playing hide and seek in the garden.
(6) I ______ preparing my lessons.
(b) Add question tags to the following statements : 4
(1) Many people do not listen to the radio, ______ ?
(2) She does not believe in God, ______ ?
(3) We are planning for a new house, ______ ?
(4) It’s very hot today, ______ ?
(c) Develop a dialogue on : (any one) 4
(1) A conversation between a doctor and a patient.
(2) A conversation between two friends on examination system.
(3) A conversation between a clerk and a customer at the bank.
4. (a) Write a short composition on : (any one) 7
(1) My Ambition
(2) Global Warming
(3) A visit to a Shopping Mall
(b) Prepare a news article on : (any one) 7
(1) A Bus Accident
(2) A report on Earthquake
(3) The release of a Film
5. Fill in the blanks with appropriate options given in the bracket : 14
(1) People speak English all over ______ world. (a/an/the)
(2) ______ stitch in time saves nine. (A/An/The)
(3) The small boy dived ______ the swimming pool. (into/in)
(4) My own thoughts always guide me ______ the right path. (of/to)
(5) Zebras ______ black and white stripes. (has/have)
(6) Women ______ strong and soft hearted. (is/are)
(7) The red leather bag was found ______ the two cupboards. (between/among)
(8) My grandmother bought this farm-house twenty years ______. (since/ago)
(9) All the queries ______ be answered. (must/next)
(10) ______ your student respect you ? (Do/Does)
(11) He has not joined the army, ______ ? (Add a question tag)
(12) High ______ in the sky, the birds are flying. (over/above)
(13) I ______ like to visit your parents. (would/could)
(14) ______ things are kept secret. (Few/Fewer)

Seat No. : _______________
B.Com., Sem.-II
110 : General English
(Golden Leaves)
(For Gujarati Medium)
Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 70
1. (a) Answer the following questions in brief : (any three) 9
(1) Why was the execution of the five men delayed ?
(2) How did the man actually get the scar ?
(3) How did the wife of the man look ?
(4) Why did Gangu leave his job ?
(5) Who was Deepak ? What was his real name ?
(b) Write a short note on any one of the following : 5
(1) The Man with the Scar
(2) Gangu
(3) Deepak
2. (a) Answer the following questions in brief : (any three) 9
(1) Whose thoughts arise in the poet’s mind ?
(2) What is the significance of the line ‘I love thee freely’ ?
(3) What, according to the poet, do the sounds of the rifles signify ?
(4) How does the poet describe love ?
(5) How does the poet define faith ?
(b) Write a short note on any one of the following : 5
(1) The Central idea of the Poem, ‘Break, Break, Break’
(2) Horrors of War described in Wilfred Owen’s Poem
(3) The Central idea of the Poem, ‘Life’
3. (a) Fill in the blanks with proper Modal Auxiliaries from the bracket : 4
(can, would, must, should)
(1) We _______ speak truth.
(2) Vanita _______ dance very well.
(3) I _______ like to tell you the truth.
(4) My family needs me, I _______ rush home.

(b) Use proper prepositions from the brackets : 4
(at, on, in, since)
(1) I shall come to your home _______ six o’clock.
(2) There is a picture _______ the wall.
(3) Mother must be ______ the kitchen.
(4) Hetaxi has been living in this town _______ 1998.
(c) Insert proper articles : 3
(a, an, the)
(1) She is _______ untidy girl.
(2) _______ Bible is a holy book.
(3) He is _______ clever boy.
(d) Identify the type of the following sentences : 3
(1) What a handsome guy he is !
(2) What is your name ?
(3) She is a good girl.
4. (a) Develop a dialogue on any one in about 80 to 100 words : 7
(1) A conversation about Vacation Plans.
(2) A talk about a Movie.
(3) A conversation about Students’ participation in politics.
(b) Develop a story from the given points : 7
An old woman – a pet mongoose – on day goes to the market, leaving her baby in the care of the mongoose – a big cobra enters – mongoose fights and kills – the woman comes back – sees the mongoose lying at the entrance – notices its blood-covered mouth – woman throws the water pot on the mongoose and kills it – enters the house – filled with remorse – sees her baby playing cheerfully –
nearby a big cobra lay dead – woman realizes her mistake.
5. Choose the correct options : 14
(1) Who is the author of the story, ‘The Man with the Scar’ ?
(a) William Somerset Maugham
(b) Dryden
(c) Keats
(2) Where would the revolutionary go to sell his lottery tickets ?
(a) America (b) Africa (c) Guatemala City

(3) How did the five condemned men spend the last night ?
(a) Talking (b) Playing poker (c) Weeping
(4) Gangu was an ______ Brahmin.
(a) illiterate (b) educated (c) ugly
(5) Where did Deepak meet Arun ?
(a) Railway station (b) Bus station (c) Wrestling match
(6) Which is the third petal of life according to the author ?
(a) Love (b) Hope (c) Truth
(7) Who authored the poem, ‘How do I love thee ? Let me count the ways.
(a) Elizabeth Barrett Browning
(b) William Shakespeare
(c) Milton
(8) To whom does the author compare those who die on the battle-field ?
(a) Horses (b) Cows (c) Cattle
(9) “I visit the library thrice a week is” an _____ sentence.
(a) assertive (b) imperative (c) interrogative
(10) “Do this work” is an ______ sentence.
(a) assertive (b) imperative (c) interrogative
(11) We ______ obey our parents.
(a) should (b) would (c) could
(12) He is ______ N.C.C. Officer.
(a) a (b) an (c) the
(13) I am fond ______ music.
(a) of (b) with (c) for
(14) Will children return home ______ 12.30 ?
(a) in (b) for (c) at

Seat No. : _______________
B.Com., Sem.-II
110 : General English
(Journey Through Words)
(For English Medium)
Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 70
Instructions : (1) Mention clearly the options you attempt.
(2) Figures to the right indicate marks.
1. (a) Write brief answers of any three of the following : 9
(1) Explain the background of the story “The Highway”.
(2) Bring out the contrast in response of the rural and urban people in the “The Highway”.
(3) What happened afterward once they removed the statue of Sir Lawley ?
(4) What was people’s attitude towards the mother after the attack on the city ?
(5) How did the youngest princess come to be called Princess September ?
(b) Write a short note on any one of the following : 5
(1) Symbolism in the story “The Highway”.
(2) Element of Satire and Humour in “Lawely Road”.
(3) Significance of the title “The Mother of a Traitor”.
2. (a) Write brief answers of any three of the following : 9
(1) How did the poet compare the little waves of Breffny with other and why ?
(2) How did the poet give the description of the wild swans in the poem ?
(3) Describe the teacher’s point of view towards the students.
(4) Explain the line, “A man’s destination is not his destiny”.
(5) What is the common purpose in the poem “To the Indians Who Died in Africa” ?
(b) Write a short note on any one of the following : 5
(1) Autobiographical element in “The Wild Swans”.
(2) A Picture of Class room.
(3) Critical appreciation of the Poem “The Little Waves of Breffny”.

3. (a) Fill in the blanks with appropriate modal auxiliaries : 4
(1) You ______ finish the work today.
(2) They ______ definitely come and help us.
(3) ______ I borrow your dictionary ?
(4) He ______ buy a car if he had the money.
(b) Insert the appropriate prepositions : 4
(1) He was standing ______ the top of the stairs.
(2) There is no limit ______ the wants of man.
(3) His father died ______ 1996.
(4) I shall come to your home ______ six o’ clock.
(c) Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles : 3
(1) This is ______ oldest building in our village.
(2) Tom is ______ player in our team.
(3) This is a BBC programme, it is ______ interesting one.
(d) Identify the types of sentences given below : 3
(1) The boy comes here every day.
(2) Are you going to accept my invitation ?
(3) Tell me about your new job.
4. (a) Develop a dialogue on any one of the following in about 80-100 words. 7
(1) A Conversation about Vacation Plans.
(2) A talk about a Movie.
(3) Whether to join NCC or NSS
(b) Develop a story from the given points in about 100-125 words : 7
A king distressed – his people lazy – to teach them a lesson – big stone was kept in the middle of the road one night – next day merchants pass and go round it – an officer driving in his carriage did the same – a young solider came riding, did the same – all cursed the stone and blamed the government for not removing it – then the king had the stone removed – under it was an iron box, marked, “For the man who moves away the stone” – inside a purse full of money – the people were ashamed – moral.
5. (a) Fill in the blanks : 6
(1) In fact, there is no library in our town to speak ______. (for/about/of)
(2) You have not to get up because the book is laying ______ hand. (at/in/on)
(3) ______ elderly need love and care. (the/a/an)
(4) We spent ______ quarter of an hour in the library. (a/an)
(5) ______ I leave a little early today ? (should/ought/must)
(6) “How cold the Night is!” is an ______ sentence. (exclamatory/assertive/imperative)

(b) Choose the correct options : 8
(1) In the poem ‘The Wild Swans’, “The ______ autumn has come upon me since I first made my court”.
(a) 59 (b) 19 (c) 21
(2) According to the poem “The Best of School” the teacher is watching the class quietly while the boys are ______ their lessons.
(a) writing (b) studying (c) reading
(3) The destination of men is ______.
(a) heaven (b) his native village (c) victory
(4) The poem “The little Waves of Breffny” is written by ______.
(a) Eva Gore Booth (b) Yeats (c) Lawrence
(5) The story – ‘The Highway’ highlights ______.
(a) A feeling of gratitude for nature
(b) A sense of fear due to war
(c) A celebration for monsoon season
(6) The area Lawley Extension Park was changed to ______.
(a) Gandhi Road (b) Nehru Road (c) Gandhi Nagar
(7) Princess September married the king of ______.
(a) Russia (b) Cambodia (c) Scotland
(8) The story “The Mother of a Traitor” was written by ______.
(a) Somerset (b) Bradbury (c) Maxim
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