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University of Rajasthan: MULTIMEDIA SYSTEMS B.E Computer Engineering, 2007 Question Paper

The following question paper refers to an old question paper of University of Rajasthan It is titled as "MULTIMEDIA SYSTEMS" for B.E 8th Semester Main and Back Examinations. This question paper was asked in the 2007 Rajasthan University Examination. Download it now from the following passages.

University: Rajasthan University / University of Rajasthan
Course: B.E Computer Engineering
Paper Code: NA
Year of Examination: 2007
Semester: VII

University of Rajasthan


(New Four Year Semester Scheme)

(Exam. of 2007 held in Jan. 2008)

[Branch: Computer Engineering]

(common with E.C.)

Paper VII


Time Allowed: Three Hours

Maximum Marks-80

Attempt any FIVE questions.
All questions carry equal marks.

1.(a) What are the main properties of Multimedia System? Explain in detail. [Marks:8]

(b) What is Multimedia System? Define different type of media. [Marks:8]

2.(a) Define all the steps of Image Recognition process. [Marks:8]

(b) What is Dithering? Why is it important? [Marks:8]

3.(a) Define MPEG. Explain video encoding in MPEG. [Marks:6]

(b) What are the MIDI interface components? [Marks:4]

(c) What are basic sound concepts? [Marks:6]

4.(a) Define Frame, Track, Area and blocks of a CD-DA. What are the advantages of CD-DA? [Marks:8]

(b) Define different modes of CD-ROM in detail. [Marks:8]

5.(a) How do image processing and image recognition help in multimedia application? [Marks:8]

(b) How does image preparation take place in H.261? Explain various methods of coding used by H.261 standard. [Marks:8]

6.(a) What is Real Time Operating System? Explain its various features. [Marks:6]

(b) Define Process Management for Real Time System. [Marks:5]

(c) Describe different types of Disk Scheduling. [Marks:5]

7.(a) How are monotonic algorithms used to control the various managements of the Operating System? [Marks:8]

(b) Distinguish between Synchronous. Asynchronous and Isochronous modes data-stream transfer. [Marks:8]

8. Write short note on any two of the following:-

(a) Huffman Encoding

(b) Multimedia File System

(c) Lip Synchronization

(d) Hypertext, Hypermedia and Multimedia [Marks:8x2]

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