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KU Plant Tissue Culture, Animal Cell Culture and Immunology 2007 Question Paper

Looking for old question papers of Kakatiya University ? You can here download B.Sc III year Biotechnology, 2007 question paper for Plant Tissue Culture, Animal Cell Culture and Immunology.

Kakatiya University
Paper – III
Time: Three hours  
Maximum : 100 marks
Write the answers within 36 pages only.
Write the answers in chronological order.

SECTION A – (15 x 2 = 30 marks)
Answer the following questions in 1 or 2 lines each.
1.   Endomitosis.
2.   Defined media.
3.   Bio – 13.
4.   Clone.
5.   Caulogenesis.
6.   Dedifferentiation.
7.   Somatostatin.
8.   Dolly.
9.   Super ovulation.
10.   Trypsin.
11.   BCG Vaccine.
12.   Acquired immunity.
13.   Opsonin.
14.   Bursa of Fabricius.
15.   Null cells.

SECTION B – (8 x 5 = 40 marks)
Write short notes selecting TWO from each question by not exceeding 40 lines each.
16. (a) Role of hormones in cyto differentiation.
     (b) Surface sterilization of an explant.
     (c) Virus – free plants.

17.      (a)  Growth Kinetics.
           (b)  Merits and demerits of animal cell culture.
           (c) Plasma clot.

18.      (a) T-lymphocytes.
           (b) Artificial active immunity.
           (c) Agglutination.

19.     (a) Significance of haploids.
          (b) Artificial skin.
          (c) Immunization.

SECTION   C – (2 x 15 = 30 marks)
Answer ALL questions by not exceeding 120 lines each.

20.    (a) Write a brief account of ‘Protoplast fusion’ and its significance in Crop improvement.
(b) What is embryo culture and how this technique is utilized for the crop improvement?

21.    (a) Define ‘Primary cell cultures’ and ‘cell lines’. Discuss the origin, characteristics and maintenance of continuous cell lines.
(b) Define ‘Immunoglobulin’ and explain the structure and functions of Immunoglobulins.


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