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KU B.Sc II Year Computer Science OOPS 2013 Question Paper

Kakatiya University Question Paper B.Sc II Year Computer Science Objected Oriented Programming and Data Structure Paper II 2013 Question Paper Free Download

B.Sc. (II- Year) Examination
Objected Oriented Programming and Data Structure
Paper ---- II
Time : Three Hours
Maximum Marks : 100
SECTION ---- A (Marks : 10 x 2=20)

Answer ALL questions.
1. c(a)  Define class.
(b)  Explain this keyword.
(c) What is a wrapper class ?
(d) What is an exception?
(e) Define new keyword.
(f) What is thread?
(g) Define Abstract data types.
(h) Explain static keyword.
(i) Explain throwing the exceptions .
(j) Define spanning tree and its applications.

                     SECTION –B (Marks : 5 x 16 =80)
2. (a)  Explain the features of  Java.
(b) Explain about command line agruments  with suitable exmple.
(c) Write about advantages of object oriented programming .

3. (a) Define constructor . Explain  about  different  types of constructors with examples .
(b)  Explain  about  method  overloading.
(c) Write about precedence of  operators with an exampl in java.
(d) Write about operators in Java.

     4.(a) Define an Interface. Write a Java program on Interface.
        (b) Write a program on creating a package.
        (c) How multiple  Inheritance  can  be  achieved  in  Java?
        (d) Write a Java programme  to traverse  a Matrix.

  5.(a)  Define Exception . How to handle exception?
     (b)  Write about thread classes in Java.
     (c) What is an Applet ? Explain life cylce of an applet.
     (d)  Write a programme on multiple catch statements.

 6.(a)  Disucss about circular queue with example.
     (b) Write a program on insertion  sort.
     (c) Define tree. Write applications of tree.
     (d) Write a program of stack.

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