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Kakatiya University: B.Tech ECE, Operations Research, Final year, 2nd Semester 2013 Question Paper

Are you a student of  third / final year B.Tech ECE under Kakatiya University? Want 2ns semester Operations Research Question Paper? Provided below is a question paper of Operations Research for B.Tech ECE under this university. 2013 Year Question Paper is given. Check out the question paper contents provided below and get your important questions to score good marks. All the best from IndianUniversityQuestionPapers!

University: KU College of Engineering and Technology, Kakatiya University Campus, Warangal
Course: B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering
Subject: Operations Research
Semester: 02
Exam conducted in: 2013





Time: Three hours. [maximum marks: 100]

1. (a) Define the following terms [Marks 4]

(i) Slack variables

(ii) Surplus Variables

(iii) Basic solution

(iv) Basic Feasible solution

(v) Degenerate basic solution.

(b) What is non linear programming problem? [Marks 4]

(c) What are the applications of dynamic programming? [Marks 4]

(d) What is an assignment problem and how do you interpret it as a linear programming problem? [Marks 4]

(e) Describe transportation problem giving a suitable example. [Marks 4]

2. (a) Use simplex method to

Maximize Z = 5x + 4y

subject to the constraints:

4x + 5y <= 10
3x + 2y <= 9
8x + 3y <= 12
x >= 0 and y >= 0. [Marks 20]


(b) Use Big-M method to

Minimize Z= 12x + 20y

Subject to the constraints:

6x + 8y >= 100
7x +12y >= 120 and
x >= 0 and y >= 0. [Marks 20]

3. (a) Solve the following non linear problem

Maximize Z= 2x - x^2 + y

Subject to the constraints:

2x + 3y <= 6
2x + y <= 4
x,y >= 0. [Marks 20]


(b) Solve the following integer programming problem:

Maximize Z= x- 2y

Subject to the constraints:

4x + 2y <= 15
x >= 0, y >= 0 and are integers. [Marks 20]

4. (a) Solve the following linear programming problem by dynamic programming.

Maximize Z= 12x + 15y

Subject to :

4x + 3y <= 12
2x + 5y <= 10
x >= 0, y >= 0. [Marks 20]


(b) Solve the following assignment problem:

I 5 8 3 2
II 10 7 5 8
III 4 10 12 10
IV 8 6 9 4 [Marks 20]

5. (a) Discuss multiple service queuing models. [Marks 20]


(b) Babies are born in a sparsely populated state at a rate of one birth in every 12 minutes. The

time between births follows an exponential distribution. Find

(i) The average number of births per year.

(ii) The probability that no births will occur in any one day. [Marks 20]
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