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Kakatiya University: B.Ed Methods of Teaching English 2007 and 2008 Question Papers

Kakatiya University B.Ed Exam Methods of Teaching English 2007 Question Paper Free Download

2007 Exam Paper
B.Ed. Degree Examinations
Subject: Methods of Teaching English-VI/VII
Time:3 Hours Max. Marks:100

Answer any TEN Questions.
Each question carries 7 marks.

1. Give the improtance of the English Language in Indian context.

2. List the problems in learning a second language.

3. State the features of a language.

4. What are the factors that aggect language learning?

5. Define the term 'intonation'. What are the types of intonation? illustrate with examples.

6. Write the sub skills of listening.

7. 'Communication is a two way process'. How do you use pair work to develop communication skills?

8. What stategies do you adopt to develop reading comprehension among your students?

9. Mention any five tasks for developing writing skill.

10. Write a note on supplementary skills.

11. Discuss the principles of selection of vocabulary.

12. What is the place of grammar in English Language Teaching?

13. State the principles of Direc method. How can you say that it is an improvement over grammar translation methods?

14. What skills are to be developed while teaching supplementary readers?

15. Explain the principles of curriculum construction in English.

16. Discuss the qualities for a good test.

PART-B (2X15=30 MARKS)
Answer TWO question
Each Question carries 12 marks.

17. a) Develop a leasson plan for a prose lesson, from class VIII English reader prescribed for regional language medium schools.


17. b) Evualte the English text book of class IX followed in regional language medium schools.

18. a) Explain in detail about the methods of teaching English. Which method would you recommend at the secondary school level?


18. b) Write in detail about the construction of a scholastic achievement test.

Kakatiya University B.Ed Exam Methods of Teaching English 2008 Question Paper Free Download

2008 Question Paper
B.Ed. Degree Examinations
Subject: Methods of Teaching English
Time:3 Hours Max. Marks:100

Answer any TEN Questions.
Each question carries 7 marks.

1. English as a second language in India- Elucidate.

2. What are the problems in teaching/learning English as a second language in India?

3. Describe the different methods of teaching English gramme and which method do you prefer to adopt?

4. What is role play and how does it help students in learning a language?

5. What are the sounds that do not occur in mother-tongue? Illustrate with examples.

6. What is stress? Illustrate word-stress with examples.

7. Describe different ways of developing reading skills.

8. What are the important components of the skill of listening?

9. What are the supplementary skills?

10. Elucidate 'Note-making and Note-taking'.

11. Describe the strategies to develop vocabulary in English.

12. Distinguish between formal grammar and funtional grammar.

13. Describe the merits and limitations of Grammar Translation Methods.

14. Differentiate between Direct Method and Reading Method.

15. What are the diffrent steps what are suggested to teach a prose lesson?

16. Describe the principles of curriculum construction.

PART - B (Marks : 2x15=30)
Answer any TWO questions
Each question carries 15 marks.

17. (a) Describe different types of tests. How are stadardized tests different from teacher-made tests?


(b) Describe in detail Formative evaluation and Summative evaluation.

18. (a) Write a lesson plan to teach a poem.


(b) Give in detail Multiple uses of a dictionary.

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