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VSUPGCET Post Graduate Common Entrance Test-2014 Question Paper

Looking for VSUPGCET old question papers ? Download here 2014 year previous question paper.
Organisation / Exam Board / University: Vikrama Simhapuri University
Study Material Type :  Previous Question Paper
Entrance Exam : VSUPGCET Post Graduate Common Entrance Test-2014
Time: 90 minutes
Marks: 100

1. The question paper contains three sections. SectionA contains 30 questions, SectionB contains 30 questions and SectionC contains 40 questions. Each question carries one mark.
2. Make sure that all the 100 questions are printed properly in the booklet. If the question paper booklet is defective, ask the Assistant Superintendent of your hall for replacement.
3. Do not write anything other than columns provided in the question paper booklet and on the OMR answer sheet.
4. Use blank pages marked SPACE FOR ROUGH WORK for doing rough work.
5. Mark all your answers with ball point pen (blue or black) on the OMR answer sheet only. Answers marked in the question paper booklet will not be valued.
6. Read carefully the instructions on SideI of the OMR answer sheet before answering.
7. At the time of leaving the examination hall, return both the question paper booklet and the OMR answer sheet to the Assistant Superintendent of the hall. –

Section A

1. Come to the window… the poet is addressing to
(a) visitor (b)friend
(c) the reader (d) his lady love

2. Dover Beach is one of the most important poems of the
(a) 18th century (b) 19th century
(c) 20th century (d) 17th century

3. Who defines poetry as a criticism of life”
(a) Keats , Matthew Arnold
(c) Coleridge (d) Shelly

4. is watching the last oozing of the cider-press.
(a) A woman (b) Personified autumn
(c) A farmer – d) A gleaner

5. Which one of the following odes is not by John Keats?
(a) Ode to the West Wind (b) Ode to Autumn
(c) Ode to Melancholy (d) Ode to a Nightingale

6. In which year Tagore was awarded the Nobel Prize for Gitanjali?
(a) 1912 (b) 1931 1918 (d) 1915

7. The poem Scholar Gipsy’ was published in 1853 by
(a) Tennyson (, Matthew Arnold
(c) AC. Swinburne (d) Robert Browning

8. Spoken English and Broken Englishis Shaws Radio talk, in which he addresses
(a) Foreign students of English –
(b) Natives who speak a non-standard dialect
(c) The American Public
(d) Both Foreign students of English and natives who speak a non standard

9. Dr. Bhim. Rao Ambedkar passed away on
(20 December , 1956 (b) December , 1955
(c) December , 1956 (d) December , 1956
The Conjurors Revenge is taken from
(a) Literary Lapses (b) The story of philosophy
(c) The art of drawing (d) The lessons of history

10. The Conjuror showed an empty cloth and produced a bowl of
(a) Eggs (b) Flowers (c) Fruits (d) – Gold Fish

Download Full Question Paper from this link, http://www.vsudoa.in/documents/Previous%20Papers/02%20english.14.pdf
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