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Sri Krishnadevaraya University: B.Sc Zoology Part II 2010 Question Paper

Sri Krishnadevaraya University Question Paper
B.Sc. Three year degree Examination – March 2010
Model Question Paper
Paper II : Biology of Chordates, Embryology and Ecology
Time :3 Hrs                                                                                
Max Marks : 100

Draw labeled diagrams wherever necessary
Part- A          
Answer any FIVE questions   (5 x 8= 40 Marks)

1. Write salient features of Cephalochordata.

2. Describe different types of fish scales.

3. Mention flight adaptations in birds.

4. Quill feather of pegion.

5. General structure of herdmania.

6. Tooth structure of mammal.

7. Describe the types of eggs.

8. Spermatogenesis.

9. Phosphorous cycle.

10. Parasitism.

Part- B
Answer any FOUR questions  (4 x 15= 60 Marks)

11. Describe the respirartory system of Scoliodon.

12. Describe the parental care in Amphibia.

 13. Write general characters of Reptilia and mention the classification up to orders

14. Write about the significance of migration in Birds.

15. describe the Arterial system in pegion.

16. Describe the Development of frog upto gastrula stage.

17. Write an essay on ecological succession.

18. Describe the life history of Herdmania and add a note on the importance of retrogressive metamorphosis.

19.Write in detail about placenta, types and mention the importance of placenta.

20. Write an essay on human population growth and its control.

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