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University Of Pune Question Paper,PHARMACEUTICAL MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT, 2010 Question Paper,Third Year B.Pharmacy

University Of Pune Question Paper
Third Year B.Pharmacy Examination, 2010
(2004 Course)
Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 80
Note : 1) Q.No. one and five are compulsory.
2) Solve any two questions from Section – I and Section – II,
3) Figures at right indicate full marks.
1. Solve the following : 5
A) Draw the network and find the critical path.
Activity  Te
1→2        6
2→3       3
2→4       9
3→4      0
3→5      7
4→6      8
4→7      2
5→8      1
6→8      4
7→8 5
B) Price per unit Rs. 4.00, variable cost is Rs. 2.00 and fixed cost is Rs. 3,00,000.
Calculate : P/V ratio, BES, Sales to earn profit of Rs. 6,00,000. Profit at sales
Rs. 5,00,000 and MOS. 5
2. A) Explain the process of New Drug discovery and development. 8
B) Define the term management scientifically and also explain management is art,
profession or science. 7
3. A) What is Decision making ? Explain the process and types of decision making. 8
B) Define Planning. Give the importance of planning. Describe about sales
forecasting. 7
4. Write short note on (any three ) : 15
B) Fundamental principles of organizing.
C) Thoughts Scientific management.
D) Trade Unions Act.
5. A) From the following information prepare Balance Sheet of Takali Remedies. 5
Particulars Dr. Particulars Cr.
Net loss 16,000 Capital 1,60,000
Drawings 2,400 Bills payable 1,000
Land and Building 50,000 Sundry creditors 4,000
Plant and Machinery 58,000 Interest on capital 6,200
Furniture 64,000 Loan 69,600
Bills receivable 3,500 Bank overdraft 1,500
Closing stock 12,200 Outstanding expenses 4,000
Cash in hand 12,000
Cash at bank 7,500
Sundry debtors 12,000
Patents 6,200
Prepaid expenses 2,500
2,46,300 2,46,300
B) Consumption per quarter = 400 units, Carrying cost 40% of unit price, cost
of placing the order Rs. 400; Calculate EOQ and No. of orders per year. 5
6. A) Explain in detail the classification of theories of motivation. 8
B) What is ratio analysis ? Explain various types of ratios. 7
7. A) Explain the communication process. What are the barriers of effective
communication ? 8
B) What are different styles of Leadership ? Disucss about Leadership grid. 7
8. Write short note (any three) : 15
A) Marketing research
B) Advertising
D) Launching of new pharmaceutical product.
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