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University Of Pune Question Paper,403 : CASE STUDY IN PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT AND INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS,M.P.M. (Fourth Semester),2010 Question Paper

University Of Pune Question Paper
M.P.M. (Fourth Semester) EXAMINATION, 2010
Time : Three Hours Maximum Marks : 70
N.B. :— (i) Case in Q. No. 1 is compulsory to attempt.
(ii) Attempt any one case from the remaining 2 cases in
Q. No. 2 and Q. No. 3.
(iii) Figures to the right indicate maximum marks for that
1. Case No. 1 :
Pune Cooperative Bank appoints several temporary employees for
different periods. Their standard appointment latter stated that the
temporary services could be terminated at any time with one month’s
notice or one month’s pay in lieu of notice.
The manager of bank’s Karvenagar branch noticed that the work
of one temporary clerk was not satisfactory. He was neither regular
nor punctual. He committed several mistakes in his work. He was
found to be indifferent and irresponsible. He was, therefore, orally
warned about improvements in his work several times but he was
not given any written memos or notices. Nothing was kept on record
by way of adverse remarks against him. This was done with a view
to encouraging newly recruited temporary employees to do their
work with confidence.
According to the rules of the bank, the temporary employee became
permanent automatically after two years period. So at the end of
one year and ten months, the manager of Karvenagar branch gave
in writing to the divisional manager that this temporary clerk should
be removed from the job since he had not shown any improvement
in his work. His services were accordingly terminated by giving him
one month’s pay in lieu of one month’s notice.
The clerk then went to the court of law stating that natural justice
was not done to him since there was nothing on record by way
of adverse remarks against him and that if he could be employed
for one year and then months, he could not be regarded as totally
incompetent. He further complained that the bank did not offer
enough guidance and information to him as a result of which his
work suffered. The court upheld his contention and directed the
bank to reinstate him. The bank had to reinstate him.
The chief executive of the bank soon thereafter issued a confidential
circular to all the managers that in future every manager must
keep a detailed record of work assessment of every temporary employee
and even small points must be correctly recorded. The temporary
employees soon began to receive memos and notices. During the
next three months services of 20 out of 35 temporary employees
were terminated.
Questions :
(1) Give a suitable title to the case and justify the
same. [10]
(2) What problems do you foresee for the bank ? [15]
(3) How you would have handled the situation so that there was
no problem ? [15]
2. Case No. 2 :
Air Production Company Ltd. is an engineering company employing
40 permanent and 30 contract workers apart from staff and officers.
The products of company, i.e. IT related furniture, are sold all over
India and are also exported to European countries and USA. The
company is enjoying good status for quality products.
As is known, there was slump in IT industry as also there were
Government interventions in IT industry by all countries imposing
restrictions on the imports. Consequently, this company received a
severe set bank as there was minimal market. Production came down
In view of the restricted orders. The company decided to reduce
its costs on all fronts. As for the employment was concerned it
stopped all contract workers and stopped overtime to permanent
workers. It stopped all advances and extra welfare amenities. Somehow,
wages were paid in time, but there was heavy pressure on
the company in managing cash.
When the situation did not improve for some time, the company
decided to take further steps. It decided to give lay off to workers.
All 40 workers were affected and they were laid off for about 45
days during last three months.
The workers are unionized and the union has a strong political support.
In view of the worldwide situation, the union did not resent so
far cooperated with the company.
Company wants to take further steps because there is fund
Questions :
(1) Give a suitable title to the case and justify your
title. [10]
(2) What steps next you would advise the company ? [10]
(3) How would you deal with the union in further steps ? [10]
3. Case No. 3 :
Motherboard Company Ltd. employs about 1600 workers, who are
unionized in 4 different unions one of which is an internal union.
Internal union has cordial relations with the company and the other
three unions, being outside unions, are not so cooperative and at
times problematic.
The company has an industrial canteen where food items are provided
to workers at heavily subsidized rates e.g. Chivada 40 gms for 10
paise. Many workers take dozens of chivada packets home for wet
party. Management decided to put an end to this and notified that
the canteen items are meant for consumption in the company premises
only. Company further notified that anyone found carrying away canteen
items would be dealt with very seriously.
[3876]-43 5 P.T.O.
One of the outside unions decided to protest this decision of management
and its leader carried one chivada packet in token protest. The
watchman at the gate stopped him but the leader did not listen
to the watchman and started going out. All other workers were
watching this. Management charge sheeted the leader, conducted
enquiry and leader was found guilty.
At about the same time, a worker from internal union was sent
to laboratory for fetching some equipment. The worker, while carrying
the equipment also carried one plantinum cup which is very costly.
This worker was also caught at the gate by watchman. The worker
was charge sheeted and enquiry conducted wherein he was found
Before deciding any action, the general manager called a meeting
of all department heads. The matter was discussed in detail. The
department heads opined differently viz.
(1) Cup theft be dismissed, chivada theft be suspended for 2 to
4 days.
(2) Both be dismissed.
(3) Cup theft is internal union hence suspended and chivada theft
be dismissed.
(4) Both be suspended to avoid any complications.
(5) Both cases be ignored this time, next time stern action can
be taken.
Questions :
(1) Give a suitable title to the case and justify your
title. [10]
(2) What action would you recommend ? Why ? [10]
(3) How to deal in such situations where there are multiple
unions ? [10]
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