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University Of Pune Question Paper,2010 Question Paper,Paper – IV INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS IN THE CYBER WORLD,Diploma in Cyber Laws

University Of Pune Question Paper
Diploma in Cyber Laws Examination, 2010
Paper – IV
Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks : 100
Instructions : 1) Question No. 9 is compulsory.
2) Answer any five out of the remaining.
3) Marks to the right indicate full marks.
1. Highlight the International perspective in respect of Cyber World Trade Marks in
the light of the Madrid Agreement. 16
2. Examine the concept of data file sharing technology in peer-to-peer networks and
its implementation on Cyber Copyrights. 16
3. Examine the provisions of the Semi-conductor Integrated Circuits Layout Designs
Act, 2000 in the context of protection of Internal Hardware Components. 16
4. What are the various types of software patents and their application to the cyber
world and technologies involved ? 16
5. Discuss in detail the rights of performers and digital broadcasters in the cyber
world in context of the relevant statute. 16
6. Discuss the role played by International Conventions and Treaties in developing
Intellectual Property Rights in the cyber world. 16
7. Discuss the impact of the TRIPS agreement in context of PTC and regional
arrangements for patent protection. 16
8. Examine the scope of copyright protection in the light of the provisions of the
Copyrights Act, 1957. 16
9. Write short notes on any two: 20
a) Madrid Agreement
b) Paris Convention
c) Business Method Patents and Software Patents
d) Trade Marks Use as mega tags.
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