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2010 Question Paper,Diploma in Cyber Laws,Paper – I : BASIS AND REGULATORY FRAME WORK OF CYBER WORLD,University Of Pune Question Paper

University Of Pune Question Paper
Diploma in Cyber Laws Examination, 2010
Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks : 100
Instructions: 1) Question 9 is compulsory. It carries 20 marks.
2) Out of the remaining questions, answer any five questions and
each such question carries 16 marks.
1. What is called as Digital Signature ? Explain the procedure for obtaining the
digital signature.
2. Explain the concept of Domain Name. Differentiate it from Host name.
3. What is called as Cyber Surveillance, how it is applicable ?
4. Explain the provisions of Indian Telegraph Act, 1885 in relation to the international
agencies like International Telecommunication Union, World Trade Organisation
and ATP for regularization of telecommunication services in India.
5. Elaborate the concept of Data Organisation and Data Management. Explain the
different types of operating systems.
6. What is called as network security and cryptography ? Discuss by giving
7. What is meant by Encryption ? What are the types of Encryption ?
8. Explain the concept of cyber law for the protection and promotion of right to
privacy on internet.
9. Write short notes on any four of the following :
i) Role of Ethics and Etiquettes in Cyber Space
ii) Remote-Login Procedure
iii) Web Technology (Web service and Browsers)
iv) Role of the Government to regulate the Internet. (Censorship)
v) Significance and structural overview of Computer System.
vi) Explain the terms of Protocol, TCP and IP.
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