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P. G. D. C. M. (Semester - I),PROGRAMMING USING VISUAL BASIC,University Of Pune Question Paper,2010 Question Paper

University Of Pune Question Paper
P. G. D. C. M. (Semester - I) Examination - 2010
(2008 Pattern)
Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 70
Q.1) Give output for the following sections of code and explain :
(Any Five) [20]
(a) Dim i
i = –2.3
Print CBool(Abs(i))
(b) Const PI As Single = 3.14
Print PI + 3
Print PI
(c) Dim dt1, dt2
dt1 = #12/31/2008#
dt2 = DateAdd(“m”, 1, dt1)
Print dt1
Print DateDiff(“d”, dt1, dt2)
(d) For ch = 65 To 73 Step 2
Print Chr(ch)
Next ch
(e) Dim a As Integer
a = 16
Print Hex(a)
Print Oct(a)
(f) Print Left(StrConv(“posT gradUate”, vbProperCase), 6)
Q.2) Explain the following properties : (Any Five) [10]
(a) MaxLength property of Text Box
(b) Value property of Option Button
(c) Path property of Dir List Box
(d) ListCount property of List Box
(e) List property of Combo Box
(f) Wordwrap of Label
Q.3) Write short notes : (Any Four) [20]
(a) Explain Control Array with suitable example.
(b) Menu Editor in VB
(c) Input Box and Message Box
(d) String functions (any 5)
(e) Microsoft Windows Common Controls 6.0
Q.4) Write sectional codes for the following : (Any Four) [20]
(a) Write a code to accept 10 numbers from user and store them
in an integer array and find 2nd largest no. from it.
(b) Take a Command Button captioned as Order, a List Box which
will display Restaurant Menus. Display selected items in
Message Box when Order Button is clicked.
(c) Take a Text Box, Command Button, and three Option Buttons
to select a course from MCM / DCM / PGDCA. Display selected
course in the Text Box when Command Button is clicked.
(d) Take a Text Box, Command Button and four Check Boxes having
caption as (Bold, Italics, Strike, Underline). Display text of Text
Box in selected format when Command Button is clicked.
(e) Take Text Box to accept a number. Print factorial of the given
number when the button is pressed.
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