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D.T.L.,2010 Question Paper,BOOK-KEEPING AND ACCOUNTANCY, University Of Pune Question Paper

University Of Pune Question Paper
D.T.L. Examination, 2010
 (Old) (2003 Course)
(Paper – V)
Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks : 100
 N.B. :1) Q. No. 1 is compulsory and carries 20 marks.
2) Answer any five of the remaining which carries 16
1. Following is the Trial Balance of Ram Traders as on 31st March 2009.
Debit Balances Credit Balances
Rs. Rs.
Debtors 16,000 Capital 42,000
Bills receivable 4,800 Bills payable 6,400
Furniture 3,000 Creditors 12,000
Machineries 20,000 Wages outstanding 500
Salaries 4,000 Reserve for doubtful debts 1,000
Electricity 1,200 Gross profit 10,000
Rent 2,000
Advertisement Exp. 1,600
Closing stock 3,000
Investment - @ 12% interest 12,000
Bank 4,300
71,900 71,900

Prepare a Profit and Loss Account for the year ending 31st March 2009 and a
Balance Sheet as on that date with the following adjustments :
1) Rent is prepaid for Rs. 200.
2) A provision for doubtful debts and provisions for discount on debtors are to
be made both at 5% on sundry debtors.
3) Depreciate machinery at 10% p.a. and furniture at 20% p.a.
4) Bills receivable includes a dishonoured bill for Rs. 600.
3 of advertisement expenses to be carried forward.
2. From the following particulars ascertain the balance that would appear in the cash
book as on 31st January 2002.
a) The Bank Overdraft as per pass book was Rs. 6,500.
b) Interest on overdraft Rs. 150 and Bank charges of Rs. 20 charged by the
Bank were not recorded in the cash book.
c) Cheques drawn but not cashed prior to 31st January 2002 amounted to
Rs. 1,000.
d) Cheques deposited into the Bank but not realised up to 31st January 2002
amounted to Rs. 2,000.
e) Interest on investment credited into pass book was not entered in the cash
book Rs. 100.
3. Enter the following transactions in a Journal and prepare Ledger Account.
2007 Rs.
March 1 – Started business with cash 15,000
3 – Cash deposited into bank 8,000
5 – Purchased goods for cash 1,800
7 – Sold goods for cash 1,100
8 – Purchased goods from Mahesh 2,300
10 – Sold goods to Mohan 2,400
11 – Cash paid to Mahesh 1,900
13 – Received from Mohan 1,800
14 – Cash withdrawn from the bank for office use 2,800
16 – Purchase made by cheque 2,500
17 – Paid to Mahesh by cheque 200
20 – Cash sales 980
23 – Cash purchases 1,300
25 – Paid salaries 200
29 – Paid office rent in advance 100
4. Enter the following transactions in a double column Cash Book having cash and
discount columns.
Aug. – 1 Opening balance of Rs. 11,000.
2 Sold goods to Sujata Rs. 3,000 and received half of the amount in cash
after allowing 5% cash discount.
7 Purchased goods for cash Rs. 2,700.
9 Paid for office rent Rs. 600
15 Received cash on account of 10 shares of Hindustan Liver at Rs. 10
17 Paid to Malini Rs. 180 and received a discount of Rs. 20.
20 Received from Gokhale Rs. 190 after allowing him a discount of Rs. 10.
25 Received for commission Rs. 180.
31 Paid into the bank cash in excess of Rs. 500.
5. Show how you will rectify the following errors :
1) A credit sale of Rs. 450 to B-Banker was debited to C-Banker.
2) Purchase of goods for Rs. 750 Bhairab was debited to his account.
3) An office furniture purchased for Rs. 750 was debited to Repairs Account.
4) A sum of Rs. 350 received from a debtor was debited to his account.
5) Purchase of goods for the consumption of proprietor was debited to Purchase
Account of Rs. 800
6) Discount allowed Rs. 75 was credited to Discount Received Account.
-3- [3841] – 5E
6. Shri Mukharji bought the machine costing Rs. 9,000 on 1st January 2005. He had
to pay Rs. 1,000 towards its installation. He write off depreciation at 10% on
original cost every year. His books are closed on 31st December every year.
On 1st July 2008, he disposed off the machine for Rs. 5,000. Show the machinery
account and depreciation account for all these years.
7. On 1st Jan. 2009, Mr. Bharat commenced business with a capital of Rs. 25,000.
During the year 2009 he withdrew for his personal use goods worth Rs. 2,000
and cash Rs. 3,000. He also gave a donation of Rs. 500 to Mission. He paid Life
Ins. Premium of Rs. 1,000.
During the year, he received a gift of Rs. 5,000 from his father by cheque which
was deposited the bank account of his business. On 31-12-2009 his position was
as under.
Particulars Rs.
Machinery 20,000
Furniture 2,000
Stock of goods 5,000
Debtors 8,000
Balance at Bank 1,500
Pre-paid Insurance 200
Payable to creditors 3,000
Liability for expenses 700
Find out the profit earned by him after providing for depriciation at 10% per year
on machinery and furniture and Rs. 400 as reserve for doubtful debts.
8. Write short notes on :
a) Classification of Accounts
b) Principles of double entry Book-keeping
c) Subsidiary Books.
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