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CSJM University B.Com II Year- AUDITING 2009 Question Paper

Uttar Pradesh State Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University Commerce AUDITING (B.Com-II Year) 2009 Question paper - Free Download
CSJM University
B.Com.(Part II) EXAMINATION Question Paper
Question Paper Year : 2009
Attempt both Question (5 marks each)
Q1: Explain the meaning of Auditing and write its importance.
Q2: Suramyan is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England. Is she qualified as auditor of the Indian Companies ? Give your comments.

Attempt any 15 Question(2 marks)
Q3: What are the limitations of Auditing?
Q4: Discuss the difference between Auditing and Investigation.
Q5: What is the difference between Periodical Audit and Continuous Audit?
Q6: What is Audit Working Paper?
Q7: What is the difference between Routine checking and Intensive checking?
Q8: How would you make the internal check of stores?
Q9: What is the difference between Internal control and Internal check?
Q10: State the duties of Auditor in connection with valuation of shares.
Q11: How wasting assets are valued?
Q12: What is the difference between verification and valuation?
Q13: How would you verify the patent?
Q14: What are the duties of an Auditor in respect of income of Secret Reserve?
Q!5: Distinguish between capital income and revenue income
Q16: What is Financial Audit?
Q17: How is an Auditor appointed by shareholders?
Q18: What is the difference between clean report and qualified report?
Q19: Discuss the duties of an Auditor in respect of Dividend and Bonus.
Q20: A part of share premium utilized to declare 40% dividend.Is it right? Give your comments.
Q21: No depreciation provided on a machinery costing Rs.50 lakhs imported three years back.Is it right? Give your comments.
Q22: An auditor finds at the time of audit of the company that 40% of profit is given as commission to the manager of the company.What should he do in this regard?

Attempt any one Question(10 marks)
Q23: "Vouching is the essence of auduiting."Explian.
Q24: What do you understand by verification of Assets and liabilities? What points should be included in the verification of Assets?
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