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Cost Accounting B.Com Part II CSJM University 2009 Question Paper

Searching for CSJM University question papers ? You can here B.Com Part II 2009 question paper. The subject of the question paper is Cost Accounting
Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University
B.Com.(Part II) Examination
2009 Exam Paper
Cost Accounting
Section -A
Attempt both question (5 marks each)
Q1: Find out the method of the material on Last in First in First out method from the following particulars:
Date Quantity Receipt Rate Date Issue
2008 (kg) (Rs.) 2008 Qty(kg)
Feb 10 200 12 Feb. 3 300
15 300 14 12 100
25 400 15 14 200
28 100 16 18 400
On 1st February,2008 the opening stock was 400kg valued at Rs.11 per kg.

Q2: In a factory 1000 units of product X were manufactured in the month of April 2008. From the following figures obtained from the costing records ,prepare a Cost Sheet showing cost per unit :
Raw Material Consumed 60,000
Direct Labour 30.000
Factory Overhead 40,000
Office Overhead 10,000
Sellin Overhead 20,000

Attempt any 15 question (2 marks each)
Q3: From the following information find out the economic order quantity and number placed in the year:
Annual Consumption 4000 units
Buying cost per order Rs. 60
Price per unit Rs. 10
Storage and carrying cost as a percentage of average inventory Rs. 3
Q4: What is the cost price method ?
Q5: What is Budgetary technique ?
Q6: What is perpetual inventory system ?
Q7: What is Input=Output ratio ?
Q8: What is Rowan Premium Plan ?
Q9: What is variable overhead ?
Q10: What is direct wage method ?
Q11: What is machine hour rate method ?
Q12: What is simple cost standard ?
Q13: Contract completed is 3/4. Work certified 1/2 of contract price. Cost of 3/4 work is Rs.3.00,000.
Calculate the cost of work uncertified.
Q14: What is average unit cost method ?
Q15: Explain the concept of equivalent production .
Q16: Define operating cost.
Q17: What is a Long Book ?
Q18: What is cost of revenue ratio ?
Q19: What is non-integrated system of accounting ?
Q20: Explain the general ledger adjustment account.

Attempt any 1 question(10 marks)

Q21: From the following particulars prepare(i) Profit & Loss Account(ii) a ststement of cost of manufacture calculating factory overhead at 25% of prime cost and office overhead at 75% of factory overhead (iii) a statement reconciling the profit shown by the cost account with that shown by the financial account. The selling price is fixed @cost+25%:

Stock on 1st January 2008: Rs.
Raw material 4,000
Finished goods 8,000
Stock on 31stDecember, 2008
Raw material 6.000
Finished goods 2,000
Purchase of raw material 24,000
Wages 10.000
Sales 65,000
Factory expenses 7,750
Office expenses 6,100

Q22: As a cost of a large organisation describe the procedure you would adopt with regard to labour and materials cost.

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