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CE6303 Mechanics of Fluids 3rd Semester Nov Dec 2015 Important Questions

Looking for important questions of CE6303 Mechanics of Fluids ? You have here the collection of all important 2 marks and 16 marks related to this subject, CE6303 Mechanics of Fluids . Download the PDF file of the question paper at the end. Share if you want to help others.

Anna University Chennai
Department of B.E Civil Engineering
Third Semester
CE6303 Mechanics of Fluids
November / December 2015 Exam Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

1. Define fluid and fluid mechanics.
2. Define real and ideal fluids.
3. Define mass density and specific weight.
4. Distinct b/w statics and kinematics.
5. Define viscosity.
6. Define specific volume.
7. Define specific gravity.
8. Distinct b/w capillarity and surface tension.
9. Calculate the specific weight, density and specific gravity of 1 liter liquid which weighs 7N.
10. State Newton’s law of viscosity.
11. Name the types of fluids.
12. Define compressibility.
13. Define kinematic viscosity.
14. Find the kinematic viscosity of oil having density 981 kg/m3. The shear stress at a point in oil is 0.2452N/m2 and velocity gradient at that point is 0.2/sec.
15. Determine the specific gravity of a fluid having 0.05 poise and kinematic viscosity 0.035 stokes.
16. Find out the minimum size of glass tube that can be used to measure water level if the capillary rise is restricted to 2 mm. Consider surface tension of water in contact with air as 0.073575 N/m.
17. Write down the expression for capillary fall.
18. Explain vapour pressure and cavitation.
19. Two horizontal plates are placed 1.25 cm apart. The space between them is being filled with oil of viscosity 14 poises. Calculate the shear stress in oil if upper plate is moved with a velocity of 2.5 m/s.
20. State Pascal’s law.
21. What is mean by absolute and gauge pressure and vacuum pressure?
22. Define Manometer and list out it’s types.
23. Write short notes on ‘Differential Manometers’.
24. Define centre of pressure and total pressure.
25. Define buoyancy and centre of buoyancy.
26. Define Meta centre.
27. Define Hydro static Pressure.
28. A differential manometer is connected at the two points A and B. At B pressure is 9.81 N/cm^2 (abs). Find the absolute pressure at A.

Full Questions Can Be Downloaded from : http://www.valliammai.co.in/qb/Civil/UG/3rd%20Semester/CE6303-MECHANICS%20OF%20FLUIDS.pdf
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