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B.Sc.(FASHION DESIGN): BASICS OF FASHION, Annamalai University Question Paper December 2014

Annamalai University question paper december 2014
(Old Regulations New Regulations)
Time: Three hours Maximum: 60 marks
 Answer ALL questions
Fill in the blanks
(15×1 = 15)
1. When a fashion is constant (or) long lasting followed that is _________.
2. A person who give the fashion professional guidance, fashion advice or service they
are called _______
3. _______ is a fashion that is in the stage of limited acceptance.
4. Short lived fashion are popular for short period at time is ________.
5. The outline shape of the garment is _______
6. ________is generally considered to be the area seen between the shapes of the
7. Tone is formed by mixing _________to the base colour.
8. _________ is used to promote a corporate value.
9. Fashion is change the ________ of human.
10. Relationship in size between a part and the whole design is defined to a _______of
11. Basically the dresses which are work at evening (or) night should be made in
_______ colours and ________fabric.
12. The Dacca Muslin source design famous in _______pattern.
13. Most important element in fashion designing is __________.
14. The equipment of designers are the __________, _________, ________ of life.
15. A free standing shop devoted to specialized sales for the customers with special
interest is _________ show rooms.
Write short notes on any FIVE of the following:
(5×3 = 15)
16. Fashion shaws
17. Fashion creation
18. Vacuum and cool colours
19. Dacca Muslin
20. Sex appeals in fashion changes
21. Styles
22. Fashion industry
 Answer any THREE questions
(3×10 = 30)
23. Explain about principles of design with neat sketching examples.
24. Discuss about the theories of fashion adoptions.
25. What is channels distribution, explain them.
26. Explain about fashion marketing business.
27. Write about fashion developments of 20th century.
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