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Annamalai University question paper december 2014
(Common for B.Sc TD & ID (NR and OR) and B.A Travel Tourism and Ticketing)
Time: Three hours Maximum: 60 marks
 SECTION - A (30 marks)
(English Composition)
I. Write essays on any two of the following in about two pages each.
 (2 × 9 = 18)
1. Sketch the character of Estella in Great Expectations.
2. How do you relate Pip to his great expectations?
3. Discuss the plot of The Major of casterbridge.
4. Examine the role played by Elizabeth Jane in The Major of casterbridge.
II. Write a precis of the following by reducing it to one third of its length:
5. "We will be publishing a handwritten magazine to be displayed in the school
library." Satish, a student of Class VI and convenor of the literary club, told his
principal. Somi, Ketki and Manjul were also with him. "We have come with a
problem, sir." "If you want some articles then take some goo i essays from your
exercise books," the principal said, "but do not consult your class teachers.
They are all busy these days. You do it on your own. Let me see how fine you
kids are in your choice." "No sir, for that Sushma and Manjul have done some
work. They have already picked up a few good pieces." This time, it was Somi.
"Then what is your problem?" "Who will write the magazine, sir?" asked the
boys. "I will see and let you know," said the principal.
After some time the principal was talking to Manekar. "But sir, my mother
cannot write. At least, I have not seen her writing. Even if it is a letter, she asks
my sister." This little boy in Class IV was suspicious about his mother's calibre.
But the principal, Mr Pittal, like so may others, had no second opinion about
Madhavi's calligraphic skill. She was his old classmate. The principal laughed.
"Do not worry, my child. You tell her that I have requested for this favour."
The next day Mr Pittal packed some special papers, gold, red, blue and black
inks, nibs of different shapes and thicknesses, pens, blotters etc, and gave it to
Manekar. He directed him to hand over the packet to his mother Madhavi.
"How can I give it to my mother?" he thought, "she has never written anything
except bazaar and dhobi accounts. And here, the fellow has asked her to write
the full magazine. All my friends will laugh at her when he displays the
magazine. No, I won't give it to her. I will ask Vapi Didi to help me or should I
throw this packet and say that I have lost it somewhere." But, at last, the
principal had left this poor chap with no other choice than to obey him.
A week later when the magazine was on display in the school library,
Manekar found everyone looking over it with gasps of delight at its beauty. He
was not sure that God did it or the principal could do that. But it was a
 SECTION - B (30 marks)
(Business Correspondence)
 Answer any THREE questions (3 × 10 = 30)

6. Explain the structure of business letters.
7. Write a letter to a company Manager, asking for quotation on the refrigerators
they manufacture.
8. Suppose you want to take a loan from a bank. Write a letter to the Chief
Manager of the bank requesting him to send you all the information related to
9. Write a letter of complaint to the Manager of a software solutions company
about the malfunctioning of certain software you purchased form the company.
Also ask the Manager to do the needful immediately.
10. Write a letter of job application to a software company for the position of Senior
Programmer. Include details relating to your experience in Programming.
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