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Dibrugarh University B.Sc IT Operating System 2009 Question Paper

Dibrugarh University B.Sc Information Technology Operating System Previous Years Question Papers - 2009 Question Paper

Name of the University: Dibrugarh University
Course: B.Sc Information Technology
Subject of Exam: Operating System
Subject Paper Code: IT 2 OS
Year of Exam: 2009 Question Paper






Full Marks:75

Time:3 hours

Answer Question Nos. 1 and 2,and any six from the rest

1. Answer in brief:

(a) What is a Process? [Marks 1]

(b) Define Spooling. [Marks 1]

(c) Why threads are essential for Operating  System? [Marks 1]

(d) Define Semaphore. [Marks 1]

(e) What is Thrashing? [Marks 1]

(f) What is Batch Processing? [Marks 1]

(g) What is a Boot Block? [Marks 1]

2. (a) What is the use of device switch pointer? [Marks 2]

(b) What is the use of Compaction? [Marks 2]

(c) Compare between time sharing and real time operating system. [Marks 3]

(d) Explain how operating system manages virtual memory concept. [Marks 3]

(e) Compare between logical and physical address space [Marks 2]

(f) What is a Process Control Block? [Marks 2]

3. Why system calls are required? Explain in brief different structures of an operating system. [Marks 4+5=9]

4. Explain the first come first serve scheduling algorithm.

Four jobs A,B,C and D of duration 4 sec, 3 sec,2 sec and 1 sec are coming in order. If FCFS algorithm is employed, what is the  average turn-around time? [Marks 4+5=9]

5. What are different attributes of a file? Explain in brief the methods for free space management. [Marks 3+6=9]

6. What is a critical section problem? Explain how deadlocks are detected and write the points for recovery from the deadlock. [Marks 3+3+3=9]

7. Explain program controlled I/O. How does program controlled I/O differ from interrupt controlled I/O? Explain. [Marks 5+4=9]

8. What is disc scheduling? What are the various disc scheduling algorithms?

The head of a moving head disc system with 100 tracks 0,1,2,...,99 is correctly servicing a request at track 20. When this request is being processed, request involving tracks 15,30,10,45,55,35,5,95,85 arrive in that order. What is the total head movement required to satisfy these requests for the following disc scheduling algorithms? [Marks 2+1+3+3=9]

(a) Shortest seek time first scheduling

(b) Scan scheduling

9. Explain the concept of Direct Memory Access. What are device drivers? Describe the role of device control block. [Marks 5+2+2=9]

10. Write short notes on any three: [Marks 3x3=9]

(a) System threats

(b) Demand paging

(c) Disk formatting

(d) Directory structure 
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