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MF7204 MEMS AND NANOTECHNOLOGY May June 2016 Question Paper

Anna University Chennai
Question Paper Code:86775
Second semester
Manufacturing Engineering
(Regulations 2013)
Time:Three hours
Maximum: 100 marks

Answer ALL questions.
Part A- (10 x 2 = 20 marks)

1. Briefly explain the historical development of MEMS ?
2. What is meant by piezo-resistance and briefly explain the application of piezo-resistors ?
3. Distinguish between photo resists and non-photo resists ?
4. Define pick’s law and briefly explain the application of this in diffusion process.
5. How sensors can be classified ?
6. Briefly explain the role of shape memory alloys in actuators.
7. Explain briefly the synthesis procedure in electro deposition process.
8. Write a brief note on high energy ball milling process.
9. Write a brief note on application of Raman spectroscopy for the characterization of nanostructures?
10. Briefly explain, how the thermal properties of nanomaterials can be evaluated using a suitable characterization process.

PART – B (5 x 13 = 65 Marks)
11. (a) Describe in detail the properties, design, fabrication and packaging of microsystem products.
(b) Discuss in detail the preparation, fabrication, application and advantages of Silicon as substrate material for MEMS.

12. (a) Explain in detail the different steps involved in photolithography process.
(b) Explain in detail any three different epitaxial processes used for the fabrication of components in MEMS.

13. (a) Describe in detail the principle, working and applications of chemical and biosensors.
(b) Explain in detail any three different MEMS devices with microatuators.

14. (a) Describe in detail the synthesis of carbon nanotubes using gaseous carbon source based techniques.
(b) Describe in detail, the role of nanoscale dimension on the magnetic and electronic properties of materials.

15. (a) Explain in detail, how TEM can be used to characterize the nanomaterials and nanostructures.
(b) Explain in detail the application of diffraction methods and 3D surface analysis for the evaluation of properties of nanomaterials and nanostructures.

PART – C ( 5 x 15 = 15 Marks)
16. (a) Explain in detail the principle, three major steps involved , working and Application of LIGA process in manufacture of MEMS.
(b) Explain in detail the principle, working and application of SEM for the characterization of different properties of nanomaterials.

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