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Anna University Chennai Previous Question Paper
Question Paper Code: 86773
First Semester
Manufacturing Engineering
( Regulations 2013)
Time: Three hours
Maximum: 100 marks
Answer ALL questions.
Part A- (10 x 2 = 20 marks)
1. Define super plasticity.
2. How are flow stress and dislocation density related ?
3. Define fracture toughness.
4. What is the cause of low cycle fatigue failure ?
5. What is material selection chart ?
6. Mention a high temperature application and suggest a suitable material for that.
7. What is HSLA steel ?
8. Mention a typical smart material.
9. How are foams produced ?
10. What are elastomers ?

 PART – B (5 x 13 = 65 Marks)
11. (a) Explain the strengthening mechanism by particles and fiber.
(b) Discuss the effects of temperature on plastic behaviour. Compare hot working And cooling of metals.

12. (a) A think plate of aluminium alloy, 200 mm wide, contains a centrally-locked Crack 100 mm in length. The plate experience brittle fracture at an applied (uniaxial, transverse to the crack ) of 120 Mpa. Determine the fracture.Toughness of the material. What would the fracture stress be if the plate were wide enough to permit an assumption of infinite width.
(b) (1) Explain the mechanism of crack propagation. 7
(2) Discuss the effects of surface condition on fatigue failure. 6

13. (a) (1) Discuss in detail the commonly used material for the aerospace structures. Justify their use in design factors 7
(2) What are the typical materials meant for high wear resistance ? Explain with suitable charts. 6
(b) Discuss about the application of computer aided material selection process.

14. (a) Discuss the processing method required for TRIP steel.
(b) Explain mechanics behind shape memory alloy with typical examples.

15. (a) Discuss the production techniques of adhesives and coatings.
(b) What are the special characteristics of ceramics ? Explain in detail with examples.

 PART – (1 x 15 =15 Marks)
16. (a) Consider a Metallic pressure vessel or structure well known to you and discuss the sources of failures and procedure of failure analysis
(b) Describe the relationship between material selection and its processing, with a typical case study to highlight the importance of systematic selection produce for successful processing
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