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PTU BTCE-501 Design of Steel Structures-I May 2016 Question Paper

PTU Question Paper
Question Paper Year: May 2016
Roll No. Total No. of Pages :  03
Total No. of Questions :  09
B.Tech.(CE) (2011 Onwards) (Sem.–5)
Subject Code : BTCE-501 Paper ID : [ A2078]
Time : 3 Hrs. Max. Marks :  60

1. SECTION-A is COMPULSORY consisting of TEN questions carrying TWO marks each.
2. SECTION-B contains FIVE questions carrying  FIVE  marks  each  and  students  has to  attempt any FOUR  questions.
3. SECTION-C contains THREE questions carrying TEN marks each and students  has to  attempt any TWO  questions.


1. Write briefly :

a) Why is steel considered superior for structural applications compared to the castion and wrought iron?

b) What is ductility? Why is it important?

c) What are the effects of residual stress in the design of compression members?

d) What are the reasons for riveting to become absolute?

e) What is the difference between unstiffened and stiffened steel connection?

f) Define efficiency of Joint.

g) What is the Lap Joint? What is their main advantage? Which type of welds is used in Lap Joint?

h) What is meant by web-crippling? When torsion does occur in a beam?

i) State the difference between a Purlin and Grit. What are wind columns?

j) What is the main purpose of Gantry girder? List the load that should be considered while designing a Gantry Girder.

Attachment: Click Here to Download PTU BTCE-501 Design of Steel Structures-I May 2016 Question Paper in PDF format

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