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Kurukshetra University B.Com BC-101 Business Communication-I 2012 Question Paper

University / Exam Board: Kurukshetra University Question Paper
Course of Exam Paper: B.Com
Semester : First
Subject: Business Communication-I
Paper Code: BC-101
Exam Year: 2012
Time: Three Hours] [Maximum Marks: 80

Note: Question No-1 is compulsory. Attempt any four questions from the remaining eight questions. All questions carry equal marks.
(Compulsory Question)

1. (a) What does PAIBOC stand for? Explain. 2.5
(b) Write short note on Motivational needs of Audience. 2.5
(c) What is Mock interview? 2.5
(d) What is positive attitude? 2.5
(e) What do you mean by listening? 3
(f) Explain semantic barrier? 3

2. What do you understand by business communication? Give the advantage and disadvantages of oral and verbal forms of communication. 16

3. Which is the best theory of communication? Justify your answer. 16

4. What is meant by audience analysis? Describe various steps of audience analysis and write objects of audience analysis. 16

5. What do you mean by self-development? How does self- development contribute to effective communication? 16

6. What do you understand by Grapevine process of communication? What is its importance in an organization? 16

7. What do you mean by group discussion? Discuss the prerequisites and advantages of group discussion. 16

8. What do you mean by effective listening? Explain different factors which influence the following :
(i) Effective oral listening, and
(ii) Written listening. 16

9. What is meant by modern forms of communication? Discuss some important modern forms of communication. 16

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