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EE6007 Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Anna University Chennai - Important University Questions / Question Bank / Previous University Questions - EE6007 Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
Seventh / 07th Semester (Elective)
Department of EEE
EE6007 Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

16 Marks Most Important Questions asked in previous years university examinations.

1. Describe about the mechanical deformation of a coil spring under a point loading force
2. Explain about the relation between tensile stress and strains also give the details of mechanical properties of silicon
3. Describe about the flexural beam bending analysis under simple loading conditions.
4. Give the relation between stress and strain in brief with relevant diagrams and equations.
5. Mention fundamental classes of fabrication technologies. Design a typical micromachining process involving one structural and one sacrificial layer
6. Explain about the construction and working of a variable-reluctance magnetic micro motor
7. Draw and explain the magnetic curve for a ferromagnetic material
8. Describe the working of thermocouple element with neat diagram.
9. List out the various actuation methods used in MEMS. Explain the fabrication of magnetic materials.
10. Define Acoustic sensor. Examine the steps involved in fabrication process of PZT piezoelectric Microphone
11. Explain about the fabrication steps involved in cantilever piezoelectric accelerometer.
12. Describe the working principle of membrane piezoelectric accelerometer and its fabrication process.
13. Define piezoresistivity. Discuss on a multi-axis piezoresistive tactile sensor.
14. Discuss in detail about the Assembly of 3D MEMS with any one Application
15. Compare and contrast first pass and second pass of micro motor fabrication process
16. Describe about a modular CMOS foundry process for integrated piezoresistive pressure sensor
17. Summarize the steps involved in LIGA process with relevant diagrams
18. Demonstrate the chemicals for wet anisotropic etching
19. Illustrate the working of wagon wheel mask pattern
20. Explain (a) Bulk micromachining (b) Surface micromachining (c) Sacrificial etching process (d) Stiction and antistiction methods
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