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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

EC6004 Satellite Communication Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Anna University Chennai - Important Questions of EC6004 Satellite Communication
VII Semester
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
EC6004 Satellite CommunicationNov Dec 2016 Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

EC6004 Satellite Communication - All Important 16 Marks Questions

EC6004 Satellite Communication Most Important Questions Part B
1. Express the three Kepler’s laws of planetary motion and list the various orbital parameters
2. Examine the orbital perturbations in detail.
3. Develop the points to predict the satellite position.
4. Explain about the orbital parameters in detail
5. Categorize the frequency allocations and draw the frequency spectrum for satellite services
6. Examine how the attitude and orbit control system (AOCS) is achieved through spin stabilization systems? Give necessary diagrams
7. Design the equations for primary power of subsystems
8. Explain the factors that contributing to noise in an earth station receiving channel
9. Describe briefly the factors governing the design of satellite links
10. Solve C/N ratio is directly proportional to G/T ratio from the calculation of system noise temperature.
11. Draw a neat block diagram and explain the functional elements of a basic digital earth station and also the main elements of a satellite tracking system
12. Explain how the gain of large antennas can be optimized.
13. Explain (a) MATV & CATV systems (b) various transmission losses (c) features of cassegrain antenna
14. Explain the various types of system noise
15. Explain the concepts and operation of HPA & LPA in satellite communication
16. Describe the diagrammatic representation of a SPADE communication system and explain how this is used on Intelsat satellites
17. Illustrate the features of various multiple access schemes deployed for satellite access and compare it.
18. What are the ways in which demand assignment may be carried out in FDMA network and explain it and operation of FDMA and list how this differs from FDM.
19. Illustrate in detail about pre assigned & demand assigned TDMA
20. Explain the principle behind the spectrum spreading and disspreading and how this is used to minimize interference in a CDMA system
21. Describe briefly the types of INTELSAT satellites with respect to basic space craft characteristics and vehicle types
22. Discuss how GSM & GPS deploying satellites have improved the mobility of the customers
23. Discuss the features and services offered by the orbcomm satellite system.
24. Summarize the details about INSAT
25. Identify how DTH operation is carried out with a neat diagrams

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