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CS6301 PROGRAMMING AND DATA STRUCTURES II Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Anna University Chennai - Important Questions of CS6301 PROGRAMMING AND DATA STRUCTURES II
III Semester / 03rd Semester / Third Semester
Department of Computer Science Engineering
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

CS6301 PROGRAMMING AND DATA STRUCTURES II - All Important 16 Marks Questions

1. a. Describe the ways in which member functions of class can be defined & called using a suitable example (10)
b. Describe with an example the use of static members. (6)

2. a. Describe about the copy constructor with an example. (8)
b. Differentiate between constructor and destructor. (8)

3. Describe briefly about the following term with an suitable example:
a. Objects.(4)
b. Classes.(4)
c. Polymorphism. (4)
d .Methods and message passing. (4)

4. a. How would you declare function to be a constant in c++? What are the properties of such function? Demonstrate with a program.(8)
b. Demonstrate the mechanism for accessing data members and member functions in the following cases.(8)
a. Inside the main program.
b. Inside a member function of the same class
c. Inside a member function of another class

5. a. Pointout the advantages of OOP? (4).
b. Explain in detail about const,volatile and static functions. (12)

6. With suitable c++ program describe how the polymorphism is achieved at compile time & run time (16) 

7. a. Describe the syntax of multiple inheritance with suitable c++ coding.(8)
b. Define polymorphism. Describe and explain different types of polymorphism. (8)

8. Explain overloading the assignment operator with examples. (16)

9. Develop a program in c++ to demonstrate runtime polymorphism in hierarchy of classes on a member function that performs dynamic casting. (16)

10. Describe the function overloading and friend functions.

11. a. Explain and describe the components of STL .(8)
b.Describe the various file handling templates in detail.(8)

12. a. Describe and write a program to implement stack operations using class template (8)
b. Describe and Write a template function to sort the elements of an array (4)
c. What is an exception? Explain how the control is transferred and handled in c++ programs (4) 

13. Illustrate the working of the following concepts with an example
a. Containers.(4)
b. Function adapters.(4)
c. Iterators.(4)
d. Allocators.(4)

14. Explain various file stream classes needed for file manipulations.(16)

15. a. Write a function template to find the minimum value contained in an array (8)
b. Write a c++ program that reads a text file & creates another file that is identical except that every sequence of consecutive blank space is replaced by a single space (8)

16. a. What is a red-Black tree? Mention the properties that a Red Black tree holds (8)
b. Define AVL tree & starting with an empty AVL search tree, Insert the following elements in the given order 35,45,65,55,75,15,25 (8)

17. a. Describe about B-tree and mention the properties that a B-tree holds.(8)
b. Describe disjoint set with an example.(8)

18. a. Explain about aggregate analysis with an example. (8)
b. Explain about the smart union algorithms with suitable example. (8)

19. Starting from an empty height balanced tree insert the following data one-by-one in the sequence as given and ensure that insertion of each node results a height balanced tree. Explain and write the algorithm for balancing the tree. 8,9,10,2,1,5,6,4,7,11,12,3 (16)

20. a. Create a max heap tree for the numbers(in order):
95,85,45,75,25,35,15,55 and then
1.insert 17
2.insert 100
3.delete 100 (8)
b.Formulate algorithms to perform insertion and deletion in a binary search tree. (8)

21. Describe and Explain the Dijksra’s algorithm for finding the shortest path with a sample graph.(16)

22. a. Which are the two standard ways of traversing a graph? Explain each with an example. (10)
b.What is minimum spanning tree? Execute kruskal’s algorithm to find the minimum spanning tree for a graph.(6)

23. a. Describe Topological sort? Write a Pseudo code to perform a topological sort.(8)
b.Describe and explain Kruskal’s algorithm to construct minimum spanning tree in an undirected graph.(8)

24. Describe and explain prim’s algorithm to find the minimum spanning tree of the following graph. write the algorithm.(16)

25. Describe Prim’s & Kruskal’s algorithm in detail. Find the minimum spanning tree for the following graph using any one of the algorithm(16)
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