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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

University of Calicut B.A English Reading Literature in English 2013 Question Paper

Calicut University Question Paper
[CCSS] English
[2012 Admissions]
Time: Three hours                                                        
Maximum: 30 weightage

I. Answer the following bunches of questions:
A. 1. Norfolk is famous for:
 [a] Wood trade.
[b] Agriculture.
[c] Monasteries.
[d] All these.

2. Removal from the hearth and home makes the Englishman:
[a] Rebellious.
[b] Humorous.
[c] Anonymous.
[d] Furious.

3. Sonnet is a poetic form that originated in: [a] Italy.
[b] France. [c] Greece. [d] England.

4. The speaker watered the tree with: [a] Wiles.
[b] Showers. [c] Tears.
[d] None of these.

B. 5. Lucy Gray sings a : [a] Ballad.
[b] Lullaby.
[c] Solitary song. [d] An elegy.

6. The objective poetry according to Wordsworth was to give: [a] Knowledge.
[b] Instruction. [c] Pleasure. [d] Hope.

7. I shall be telling the truth with a: [a] Whimper.
[b] Wail.
[c] Sigh.
[d] Tear.

8. Tagore wrote Gitanjali in: [a] English.
[b] Hindi. [c] Bengali. [d] Urdu.

C. 9. What did the astrologer give the stranger? [a] Balm.
[b] Holy ash. [c] Salt.
[d] Sandal paste.

10. Peeler is slang for: [a] A policeman. [b] A sergeant. [c] A constable.
[d] An ordinary man.

11. Which of the following works in not authored by Kamala Das? [a] Balyakala smaranakal.
[b] Ottayadi Paatha.
[c] Neermathalam Pootha Kalam. [d] Ente Katha.

12. Kvass means: [a] A drink.
[b] A book.
[c] A cook.
[d]  a poem. [12x ¼  = 3 weightage]

II. Answer in a sentence or two all the nine questions:
13. How does the narrator spend hours in the great house?
14. Whom does the children of Alice call father?
15. Why are not some children good travelling companions?
16. What is wisdom according to Russell?
17. What does Russell say about hatred of evil?
18. When did the wrath grow?
19. How is Lucy’s nature described by the poet?
20. What is Emily Dickinson’s poem about?
21. What do the children want the mother for?  [9x1= 9 weightage]

III. Answer any five out of 7 in a paragraph each:
22. The character of Mrs. Field.
23. Limitation of the parable of the Samaritan.
24. Shakespeare’s concept of love.
25. The road as a symbol in Frost’s poem.
26. Tagore’s dream of India.
27. The astrologer.
28. Popova. [5x2= 10 weightage]

IV. Answer any two out of the three given in about 200 words:
29. Sketch the character of the revolutionary in ‘The Rising of the Moon’.
30. ‘The Last Leaf’ is a typical O Henry story: Discuss.
31. What is the need for role models according to Dr. Abdul Kalam? [2x4= 8 weightage]

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