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University of Calicut BA B.Sc B.Com READINGS ON INDIAN CONSTITUTION 2014 Question Paper

Calicut University Previous Years Question Paper
Common Course
[2012 Admission onwards]

Time: Three hours Maximum: 30 weightage

I. Answer the following bunches of questions:
[A]1. The Draft Constitution was described as a document.
[a] Slender.
[b] Complex. [c] Formidable.
[d] None of these.

2. The American form of Government is called the system.
[a] Unitary.
[b] Presidential. [c] Binary.
[d] None of these.

3. The Constitution of India is:
[a] Flexible.
[b] Rigid.
[c] Combination of rigid and flexible. [d] None of these.

4. Thomas Jefferson describes secularism as a wall of separation between _____ and religion.
[a] Country. [b] People. [c] State. [d] Progress.

(B) 5. ‘God dwells in its throat’ is uttered by:
[a] Leola.
[b] Rachel Carson. [c] St. Francis.
[d] Noor Muhammad.

6. There was of pain in Noor Muhammad’s song.
[a] Arrows.
[b] Thorns.
[c] Sweetness. [d] Flowers.

7. Ouseph Chettan will forget everything when it comes to
[a] Having a pan.
[b] Bullock. [c] Eating.
[d] None of these.

8. The hero in Narayan’s story:
[a] Is God.
[b] Worked in an office. [c] Is a woman.
[d] Is not named

(C) 9. Withering and browning are ways of killing a tree.
[a] Scorching.
[b] Twisting. [c] Choking.
[d] All of these.

10. Monnet is a French.
[a] Painter.
[b] Dancer.
[c] Environmentalist. [d] Ruler.

11. Who is the translator of Veerankutty’s poem?
[a] Valsan Thampu.
[b] Narayan Menon. [c] K.M. Sherrif.
[d] None of these.

12. Who described Kalidasa as the Indian Shakespeare?
[a] Dr. Johnson.
[b] Sir William Jones. [c] Russell.
[d] None of these. [3x1= 3 weightage]

II. Answer in a sentence or two all the nine questions:
13. Which are two essential features in a Unitary Constitution?
14. What is meant by universal adult franchise?
15. How is Judiciary conceived in the Constitution of India?
16. What are the two different elements in science?
17. What are the extremely expensive ways of buying time?
18. Name the book written by Fairfield Osborne.
19. What does the phrase ‘the obligation to endure’ mean?
20. What happened when the US towns lined their streets with elm trees?
21. What did the girl in Sara Joseph’s story do? [9x1= 9 weightage)

III. Answer any five questions out of seven in a paragraph each:
22. Federal Constitution.
23. The British politics of enumeration.
24. Nehru’s meaning for Secularism.
25. Modern Industry and natural resources.
26. Chemical war against insects.
27. The theme of Sara Joseph’s story.
28. Relationship between Ouseph and Kannan. [5x2= 10 weightage)

IV. Answer any two out of three given in about 200 words:
29. The Constitution of India.
30. “The Talking Plough” addresses some issues faced by the people of Kerala: Substantiate.
31. The picture of Shakuntala that emerges from the extract. [2x4=8 weightage]

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