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Patient Health Care (Nutrition and First Aid) (DPCA-03) July 2012 Question Paper

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University
Term End Examination July-2012
Course O Diploma in Patient Care Assistant (DPCA)
Roll No. ____________________
Subject: Patient Health Care (Nutrition and First Aid) (DPCA-03)
Date: 09/07/2012
Time: 11.00 to 02.00
Total Marks: 70
Q.1 Define the following (Any Six) (12)
1. Food.
2. Nutrients.
3. Drowning.
4. Conculsion.
5. Osteomakacia.
6. Bitots spots.
7. Diarrhea.
8. Hypoglycaemia.
Q.2 Write down the following Short notes. (Any Five) (30)
1. Physiological functions of Thiamine and effects of deficiency on body.
2. Management of vomiting.
3. ABC of first aid.
4. Types of minor cats and abrasion.
5. Nutrients allowances for pre-school children.
6. Types of liquid diet.
Q.3 Define lipids give classification, function, digestion & absorption in body. (10)
Describe snake bite, types of poison and its management.
Q.4 Answer the following questions (Any Two) (10)
1. Basic principles of first aid.
2. Types of poisoning and its management.
3. Describe food availability for consumption in relation to requirements for a balanced diet.
Q.5 Fill in the blanks. (08)
1. Restricted carbohydrate diet is essential for __________.
2. Saliva contains enzyme called __________
3. As a result of digestion, proteins are broken down to ________ and absorbed.
4. Fish liver oil is richest source of ___________.
5. In hypothermia, body temperature is lower than ___________.
6. In complicated fracture ____________ and ____________ are damaged.
7. In stage 4 deep coma, there is ________________.
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