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Patient Care Practice & Procedure (DPCA-04) July 2012 Question Paper

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University
Term End Examination July-2012
Course O Diploma in Patient care Assistant (DPCA)
Roll No.: ____________________
Subject: Patient Care Practice & Procedure (DPCA-04)
Date: 09/07/2012
Time: 03.00 to 06.00
Total Marks: 70
Q.1 Define the following (Any Five) (10)
1. Hospital.
2. Pharmacy Department.
3. Rehabilitation.
4. Droplet infection.
5. Sign of clinical death.
6. A sepsis.
Q.2 Describe major departments of Hospital and explain in details. (12)
Describe different positions used for comfort.
Q.3 Explain the furnishing for the patient’s unit in detail. (10)
Care of dying patient and boy after death.
Q.4 Write following short notes (Any Five) (30)
1. Genupectoral position.
2. Factors of safety.
3. Principles of lifting and moving patient in bed.
4. Optimum environment for patient.
5. Face masks.
6. Hand washing.
7. Classification of the hospital
Q.5 Fill in the blanks. (08)
1. ______ is an agent which kills pathogenic organism.
2. ______ it is the infection of the individual particles of saliva and mucus.
3. _____ is an agent that prohibits the growth of bacteria.
4. __________ in this, patient lies on his left side.
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