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Lucknow University B.Com Applied Economics 2011 Question Paper

Looking for Lucknow University old question papers? You will here find and download Lucknow University B.Com Applied Economics 2011 Question Paper in text as well as image formats.

Lucknow University
Paper Code: C-935
B.Com.(Part II) Examination, 2011
(Regular & Exempted)
(Public Finance)
Time Allowed : Three Hours
Maximum Marks : 100

Note : Question No.1 is compulsory. Attempt four other
questions, selecting one question from each Unit

1. Write in short about following:
(i) Scope of Public Finance
(ii) Canon of sanction
(iii) Difference between Public Finance and Private Finance
(iv) Sinking Fund Method
(v) Fiscal Deficit
(vi) Tax System
(vii) Features of Income Tax
(viii) Productive Public Debt
(ix) Service Tax
(x) Central Board Of Excise and Customs.

2. "Public Finance lies on the border line between Economics and Political Science . " Explain. Also discuss the relationship of Public Finance with other sciences. 15
3. Discuss Adam Smith's canons of taxation. Also discuss modern canons of taxation. 15

4. Explain the principle of maximum social advantage. Point out its limitations. 15
5. What do you understand by 'Capital Levy' ? Give aruments for and against capital levy as a method of redemption of public debt. 15

6. What is budget ? Describe the procedure for the passing of Budget of Government of India. 15
7. Write notes of the following : 7.5+7.5
(i) Public Account Committe (PAC)
(ii) Estimates Commitee.

8. What are the causes of growth in public expenditure of Govt. of India in recent years. Explain in details. 15
9. Name the various local bodies in India. Describe the sources of income of local bodies. 15


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