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Lucknow University MC-403 Management of Small Business 2010 Question Paper

University / Exam Board: Lucknow University - Old / Previous Years Question Papers
Course: M.Com Accountancy
CS-2545 Question
M.Com. (Semester-III) Examination, 2010
Management of Small Business

Time Allowed: Three Hours
Maximum Marks: 100

Note: Answer Five questions in all. Answer Question No. 1 carrying 40 marks, which is compulsory. Attempt one question carrying 15 marks from each unit.
1. Write short notes on the following :
i. Registration of small scale industries
ii. Process of starting a small enterprise
iii. Sickness in small industries
iv. District Industries Centres (DIC)
v. Refinancing facility from SIDBI
vi. National Industries Corporation (NSIC)
vii. IDBI (Industrial Development Bank of India)
viii. Credit policy for small business
ix. Importance of small scale industry
x. Ownership pattern in small industries in India.

2. “In spite of competition from large-size business units, the importance of small business units in the economy of the country is not reduced.” Examine this statement carefully.
3. Describe the steps taken by the Government to develop and promote the small and ancillary industries in our country.

4. Write brief essay on „Industrial Estate in India‟.
5. Describe the contents of a „project report‟. Enumerate the different classification of project preparation.

6. Describe in detail the major devices as suggested, for the prosperity of small and cottage industries.
7. What is the contribution of small sector in employment? Discuss.

8. “The small industries/business sector has done well on the export front in the last few years.” Comment.
9. Suggest how to create a favourable environment to overcome the problems of production of small enterprises.
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