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Business Administration (Office Management) LU 2010 Question Paper

Those who are searching for Business Administration (Office Management) Old Question Papers of Lunknow University, can get collection here. It is 2010 year question paper for B.Com Part I examinations.
Exam Board: Lucknow University
Course: B.Com
B.Com- Part I
Subject: Business Administration (Office Management)
Year: 2010 Question Paper
Time Allowed: Three Hours
Maximum Marks: 100

Note: Answer Five questions in all.Question No.1 is compulsory.One question is to be attempted from each unit.

(i) State the concept of an office.
(ii) What is meant by formal power?
(iii) Who is a manager?
(iv) Explain the importance of iistening in communication.
(v) "Directon is the first action function of management."Explain.
(vi) State the objectives of man power planning.
(vii) What is meant by continuous stationery?
(viii) What is informal motivation?
(ix) State the objects of filing.
(x) Explain the term "office supplies".

2. Discuss the functions of a modern office in a big organisation.
3. What is meant by office lay-out?Describe the main principles of office lay-out.

4. Explain the meaning, importance and objectives of office manual.State its various kinds.
5. What is computer? Describe the importance and fuctions of a computer for a modern office.

6. What is filing ?Discuss the various methods of filing.
7. Describe a complete plan of stationery control in a big establishment.

8. What is motivation ? Discuss the Maslow Need Of Hierarchy in this context.
9. What is meant by remuneration to employees? Describe the different methods of payment of remuneration to employees.

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