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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

SAZ6C Software Testing April 2015 Question Paper

If you are looking for previous years question papers of Madras University, then this is the useful post for you to prepare SAZ6C Software Testing Subject. Given is April 2015 year exam question paper.

University: MU Madras University
Year of Exam : APRIL2015
Course: B.Sc / BCA Question Paper            

What is bug prevention?
What is pesticide paradox?
List the parts of data specification.
What is predicate?
Define transaction.
List ways to sensitize the transaction flow.
List the strategies for data flow testing.
What is meant by nice domains?
Write the Halstead's metirc for program length.
What are the possible incorrect actions of string recognizer?
What are the components of decision tables?
What is stable table?

What is the purpose of testing?
Describe the various transnational flow testing techniques.
Explain McCabe's cycolomatic complexity with an example.
Describe the steps in Syntax testing.
How will you test knowledge-based systems?
Explain the principles of state testing.

Elaborate the model for testing.
Discuss the concept of path testing.
Explain dataflow model for program's control flow graph.
Write about the available linguistics metrics.
Describe the testing strategies of KV charts.

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