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RRB Allahabad Assistant Loco Pilot 2011 Solved Question Paper

RRB Allahabad Solved Question Papers
Exam: Assistant Loco Pilot
Exam Year: 2011
Solved Question Paper

Some Samples Are Here. Find PDF file at the end of this page to get full Solved Question Paper.

62. How do you understand by the term 'Binding Energy'?
1) Energy released when a nucleus is formed from protons and neutrons
2) The force of attraction between an electron in the first orbit and the nucleus
3) Electron belonging to the same major energy level
4) Energy associated with a photon

63. Which of the following statements in wrong?
1) Ionic bonds are non-rigid and non-directional
2) Compounds formed by ionic bonds are non-conductors of electricity
3) Ionic bonds are formed by transfer of electrons from a metal to a non-metal atom
4) Compounds fromed by ionic bonds are hard and brittle

64. Arrange the following materials in the order of decreasing conductivity:
Silicon, Glass, Aluminium, Silver
1) Glass, Silicon, Aluminium, Silver
2) Aluminium, Silver, Glass, Silicon
3) Silver, Silicon, Aluminium, Glass
4) Silver, Aluminium, Silicon, Glass

65. If a barometer carries water instead of mercury, then the height of the column for a pressure equivalent to 75 cm of mercury would be-
1) 1050 cm 2) 1020 cm 3) 1000 cm 4) 5.5 cm

66. The term EURO-II in the context of modern cars refers to-
1) Emission from cars 2) Speed of cars
3) Fuel efficiency 4) Torque available

67. What is the ultimate benefit of good communication in a vast organisation like the Indian Railways?
1) Improved productivity and profits
2) Reduced frustration among the employees
3) Development of good human relations
4) Improved image of the organisation

Download the PDF file of RRB Allahabad Assistant Loco Pilot 2011 Solved Question Paper here.

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